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TriPollar POSE - Cellulite and Fat Reduction
TriPollar POSE - Cellulite and Fat Reduction
TriPollar POSE - Cellulite and Fat Reduction
TriPollar POSE - Cellulite and Fat Reduction
TriPollar POSE - Cellulite and Fat Reduction

TriPollar POSE At Home Cellulite Treatment

TriPollar POSE is the new revolutionary anti cellulite home treatment device that fights stubborn fat and the sagging skin that comes with age. It is a first of its kind, utilizing clinically proven spa technology and turning it into an easy and quick home cellulite treatment machine. Results are both immediate and long lasting, toning and sculpting the body whilst reducing and preventing cellulite in the process.

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One treatment with the TriPollar POSE is all that is needed to see immediate visible results

The TriPollar POSE Helps you achieve long lasting body circumference reduction

Gives you a more fitted body shape with a smoother and tighter skin texture

And Helps you to reduce those stubborn fat deposits such as bingo arms, saddle bags and love handles

TriPollar POSE is great for lumps and bumps reduction and puts you in charge of your own body shape


Before Treatment vs. After Treatment

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Easy to Use, Radiofrequency Skin Treatment at Home!

Cellulite reduction at home is now possible with the TriPollar POSE. This unique hand held device uses Radio Frequency waves to penetrate the skin and condense the size of stubborn fat cells. It pulls the skin tight, reducing the appearance of cellulite and even stretch marks, with results both felt and seen immediately and best results visible post full treatment. The results are long lasting and with owning the home device, consumers can top up their treatment whenever they feel they need to.



Restore Youthful Skin

The POSE is a small, sleek machine that sits comfortably into the hand. It uses cutting edge technology to painlessly shrink fat cells and reduce body circumference to the owners’ desire. Through the use of RF technology the Tripollar POSE causes a warm sensation that some users describe as ‘surprisingly pleasant’. RF Technology is used in thousands of renowned clinics across the globe but with TriPollar’s POSE device, RF technology has now been placed into the hands of anyone who desires cellulitis treatment at home. Safety mechanisms are designed to keep the POSE user friendly and with clear instructions, users will master the device easily in as little as one session.

TriPollar RF technology works through heat as the RF waves heat the dermis layer of the skin. It is unique form of heat that causes the collagen in the skin to contract and tighten. The tightening of the skin results in immediate improvement in the skin’s firmness. Over time the repeated use of this method of heating the skin triggers acceleration of the fibroblast’s metabolism. Fibroblasts are responsible for the synthesis of collagen and collagen is what gives our skin a supple, smooth and youthful appearance. Repeated use in targeted areas of skin “locks” the skin into its tighter form making the skin tighter and smoother with a more contoured shape, texture and appearance. It makes for ideal home treatment for cellulite in stubborn patches. The heat provides a pleasant warming sensation that sooths as it improves the appearance of skin.

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TriPollar Pose - Anti-Age Revolution in a Box

How Often Do You Need to Use the POSE for Cellulite Treatments at Home?
One of the advantages of the POSE is how quick and easy it is to use considering the spa grade technology that it is. The POSE is an at home cellulite treatment machine that you only need to use on your targeted areas two to three times a week for twenty minute sessions (body-part dependent). Be sure to leave at least one rest day between treatments to allow for skin recovery. When used over the course of six to eight weeks, this regime will generate long lasting, clinical results. After this initial phase of treatment touch up treatments can be used whenever deemed necessary. As easy as that you can have a non-invasive, non-surgical, rf skin tightening

What results can be expected?

The TriPollar POSE will allow you to visibly see results after just one treatment.  The device works to create a suppler and thicker dermis layer creating a stronger infrastructure and support to the upper epidermis layer of the skin.

Tripollar POSE Cellulite Home Treatment Effect:

  • It will help you achieve long lasting reduction in the circumference of body parts including the arms, stomach, waist and thighs.
  • It helps reduce unsightly fat deposits like love handles, bingo arms and saddle bags allowing you take charge of cellulite removal at home.
  • It dramatically reduces lumps and bumps on the buttocks and thighs.
  • You can use the POSE to sculpt your body into the shape you want.



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Ratings and reviews

See how people use the Tripollar Pose to treat signs of aging and enjoy visible improvement

5stars 5/5

Lia Jones, ME, US

Age: 39

Gender: Female

Use product for: 6 weeks

I am 39 years old and I have begun to notice sagging skin and cellulite.  I am planning a trip to Hawaii in a couple of months that I have been saving up for.  It is a lifelong dream of mine and I want my body to be bikini ready! I Rather than resort to surgery I tried POSE.  I have been using it for nearly 8 weeks and I am thrilled with how easy it is to use for 20 minutes, a couple of times a day, and with the results.  My skin is already tighter and I have visibly less cellulite.
5stars 5/5

Jessica Tapley, MI

Age: 41

Gender: Female

Use product for: 10 weeks

I was initially very skeptical about the idea that passing a “magic wand” over my skin would get rid of my cellulite and firm up my skin. My mother basically nagged me into trying it. Well, call me Hermione Granger, because this is one magic wand I know works. In just a month I have seen results that amazed me. The skin on my stomach and butt hasn’t been this smooth and tight since I had my son four years ago. As a bonus I love the soothing, warm sensation of the POSE.

5stars 5/5

Kim Reynolds, Johannesburg, SA

Age: 42

Gender: Female

Use product for: 6 weeks

I am a 42 year old mother of two and my life is way too busy for me to waste time on treatments for my skin that don’t work.  I decided to give POSE a try and I found it a breeze to use.  Just six weeks in, my routine use of it a couple of times a day, combined with exercise, made a real improvement in my skin.  My skin is better toned and more elastic.  The uneven bumps are smoothing out.  Great product!

5stars 5/5

Gracie Foster, London, UK

Age: 37

Gender: Female

Use product for: 9weeks

If there is one body part I have always struggled with it has been my “thunder thighs”. At least in London the miserable weather means I can hide them but come summer holiday time things change…After listening to my umpteenth complaint about them my friend told me I should get a POSE. I received my order just four days after placing it. After nine weeks of use, my thighs are losing the “thunder”. They are reduced in size and the dimples in my skin have seriously reduced and in some areas totally gone! I am going to pay it forward and recommend the Tripollar POSE device to my other friends for sure.

5stars 5/5

Mia Davis, NY, US

Age: 35

Gender: Female

Use product for: 10 weeks

I am a 35 year old, avid volleyball player who loves the beach. I want to be able to play volleyball on the beach without feeling self-conscious about the skin I am showing off in my swimsuit. That is a bit more of a challenge now than it was when I was 19! I have been particularly concerned about keeping my upper arms from sagging. I started using the POSE ten weeks ago. Now when I spike the ball I can see that the skin under my arms isn’t jiggling!