The Ultimate Summer Travel Skincare Guide

The Ultimate Summer Travel Skincare Guide

Skincare Rules For Travel

August is here which means summer is coming closer to the end. But don’t get too sad just yet, because the arrival of August also means that it’s finally time for SUMMER VACATION TRAVEL.

Vacation travel is great – see new places, try new food, meet new people, soak up the sun, and finally relax and let your hair down. Alas, there is one major downside to travel, and that is – actually getting to your vacation destination without completely destroying your skin. All modes of transportation have less-than-ideal conditions for beauty and skincare, but the one that has the most challenges, and also happens to be the most popular, is air-travel.

To help combat the pressurized, low humidity, high bacteria, high dirt, high anxiety environment of the airplane, which can cause our skin to become super dehydrated, oily, red, irritated, inflamed, and break-out prone, we have put together our handy Air Travel Skincare Guide.

Here is what to do and what to take with you on the airplane:

Minimize or ditch the makeup – there is plenty in the air on a flight to clog up your pores and agitate your skin, no need to add to that mix with makeup. Also, makeup will keep oil and dead skin cells in place instead of letting it be easily wiped away (will get to that point soon), and if you are wiping your face anyway what’s the point of putting makeup on in the first place.

Moisturize – air travel and summer heat, a dreaded combination for skin. So skin is bound to get super dehydrated (or if you have oily skin then it will get super oily) on a flight. So keep it moisturized, apply before, during and after the flight.

Wear sunscreen – unless you are taking a flight during the night you will be even closer to the sun than when on the ground, so slather it on! Added bonus, you will be well prepared when you step off of the flight at your sunny destination.

Mineral water 2 ways – first one is obvious, drink it in obnoxious quantities, hydrating from within is as important, if not more, as hydrating the surface. The second way to utilize mineral water to the fullest is to spritz it on your face and skin, it will give an extra boost of hydration and it feels soo refreshing!

Apply lip balm – it’s specifically designed to hydrate the skin on the lips, so avoid chapped and irritated lips by using it.

Use blotting or face wipes – doing this will help get rid of all the bacteria and dirt that settles on your skin during the flight, and it feels refreshing too.

Wear cotton clothing – instead of synthetics. Wearing loose-fitting, cotton clothes will be easy on the skin and will help prevent rashes. And again, this will be helpful once you step out at your hot destination.

After the flight – take a minute to cleanse, gently exfoliate, and moisturize your face one more time. For a more thorough exfoliation use Glo Me, a microdermabrasion treatment device which functions as a stronger exfoliant to remove dead or damaged skin cells.

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