The Ultimate Guide To Looking Younger

The Ultimate Guide To Looking Younger

Featuring The Best Anti-Aging Foods


We all want fresh and youthful looking skin, and depending on our age, achieving it requires varying degrees of effort. In our twenties (especially early to mid-20’s) we don’t have to do anything save for not partying too hard every single weekend, and even that has limited effects on our skin’s overall appearance.


As we start nearing our late twenties and early thirties, more attention is required to maintain a fresh glow every single day. Late nights of having a good time are now clearly evident the next morning, but it isn’t something a good night’s sleep or a few good products can’t’ fix quickly. Although by now are have definitely figured out products and other helpful hacks to help keep our skin looking as firm and radiant as ever.


As we progress to our late 30’s and into 40’s, we have the anti-aging skin routine down, we know to keep ourselves and our skin hydrated and protected at all times, and certainly getting enough sleep has become a priority both for the sake of our skin and our sanity.


Going into our 50’s, 60’s and beyond our age-defying skin routine has most likely expended beyond our dressing room into skin clinics and salons, precautions are taken if a late night or drinking is to be involved and every trick under the sun has been utilized to help keep our skin looking as fresh, wrinkle-free, and glowing as possible.


The thing that most young people don’t think about is that the earlier we start taking care our ourselves and our skin the easier it will be to retain our youthful skin, and the better we will look as we get older. As important as it is to develop a daily anti-aging skin routine, that isn’t the only thing we can and should do.


Always wearing sunblock as well as not smoking are the top ways to ensure that premature skin aging does not happen. Keeping your self sufficiently hydrated is extremely important for our skin’s health. Exercise helps to get the blood flowing which helps to bring oxygen and much-needed nutrients to the skin to nourish it and keep it firm and fresh.


And of course, our diet also greatly affects the way our skin looks. Different foods contain different vitamins, minerals, proteins, and nutrients that are needed to help our bodies function properly. One of the most important for the skin is collagen. Collagen is a protein that helps create and regenerate tissue for our bodies such as bones, skin and so on. It is naturally produced by our bodies with the help of foods that are rich in that protein as well. As we age our bodies require more and more help to produce sufficient amounts to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin for proper elasticity and a vibrant, fresh look.


Here are 4 foods  that help the body produce collagen:


Red peppers – are rich in vitamin C which is essential for collagen production, without it the body cannot synthesize it correctly.


Tomatoes – are rich in lycopene which also is needed for collagen as well. It also helps fight damage caused by the environment such as pollution and UV rays.


Salmon – improves production of collagen as well as being a great agent for fighting inflammation due to the high concentration of omega-3.


Turkey – collagen needs amino acids to be produced, and turkey is rich in amino acids, such as lysine, and other great nutrients

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