Surprising Skin Care Tricks From Around The World

Surprising Skin Care Tricks From Around The World

Let’s Take a Voyage Around the World!

Ever wonder what skin improving tricks you don’t know about? Sure, you are up-to-date on all the new, and the old, skin-care methods that are popular in the world you are exposed to. But what about the ones you are not exposed to? The ones you don’t even know exist. There are many cultures around the globe that have their own customs and methods for skin-care. To be sure, there are some universal truths when it comes to our bodies that everyone abides to, BUT you would be surprised at the differences in approaches.


Some cultures are all about the natural and minimally invasive while others prefer to go with the maximum to achieve the most youthful appearance possible. Some stick to old school methods while others are all about the new and the now. So let’s take a look around the world at the different approaches to skin-care. Who knows, we might even learn something.


Egypt – Remember Cleopatra and her milk baths?! Apparently that is still a thing in Egypt. But nowadays women can just add milk powder to water baths to achieve the moisturising and nourishing effects that Cleopatra was after.


Iran – Another ancient treatment that still works wonders today. Rose water contains vitamins A and E as well as anti-inflammatory benefits, and women nourish their skin with it till this very day.


Japan – Women of Japan use the most extreme, by western standards, products to improve their looks. Silkworm cocoons are used as natural exfoliators because of the  amino acids and proteins contained in them, as well as Nightingale droppings, which are used to clear up blemishes thanks to their high protein content and a whitening enzyme.

China – These might be obvious to most of us but nothing is better than the tried and true benefits of drinking copious amounts of green tea (antioxidants) and using an umbrella when outside at ALL TIMES.


India –  Turmeric to fight off signs of aging? Yes please, and it also tones and soothes with the help of its anti-inflammatory properties.


Russia – Unlike previous countries mentioned, Russia is all about the new and exciting skin care products, which is where Mesotherapy comes in. It is a popular procedure there, wherein tiny injections of vitamins are made, so that the right stuff can get to the right place more efficiently. They might have something there….


France – This country is also in the forefront of skin care. They have adopted micellar waters to their everyday regimen. These waters remove makeup with tiny micelle particles so no de-moisturising and oils eliminating soap or alcohol need to be used.


Norway – It’s all about the sauna. In the cold, harsh environment of the nordic countries nothing can be better than to sweat out the toxins and rejuvenate skin in the heat of the sauna.


Mexico – Mexican women use a lemon and sugar scrub to achieve anti aging results on their hands, but it could be applied anywhere. The sugar acts as an exfoliant while lemon juice assists in removal of dead skin, leaving hands smooth, clear, refreshed and looking young.


Chile – Women like to use a homemade facemask of crushed red grapes and white flour. With the antioxidant properties of the grapes the face appears more clear and radiant after.


As you can see every culture has their own quirky spin on the basic premise of skin care and youthful appearance, but the ability to achieve skin that is clear, smooth, firm and glowing is the ideal worldwide. For this reason almost everyone in every country knows the benefits of Silk’n anti-aging device that smoothes out, firms up and leaves skin looking younger than ever!

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