Stretch Marks The Bane Of Pregnancy

Stretch Marks The Bane Of Pregnancy

How to get rid of stretch marks after pregnancy


Its finally happened, you are carrying the miracle of life inside you. You are excited, nauseous, happy, overwhelmed, elated, nervous and tired all at the same time. It would be impossible to try to put into words everything that you are feeling and experiencing right now, so much is about to change in your life both before and after the baby arrives.


After – your life will become consumed with the little human you have brought into this world, and it will completely change the way you feel and live. Before – life changes are going to be much more subtle, but your body will go through a ton of changes, and one of those changes will be to your skin. As your body expands to accommodate the growing baby inside, your skin will need to stretch to allow that to happen, and while skin is able to grow or shrink with time, in pregnancy change happens so quickly that skin isn’t always able to keep up and that’s when those dreaded stretch marks happen, the bane of pregnancy!


In fact about 90% of pregnant women end up with stretch marks! That is the highest percentage of any group. And those pesky little, or big!, things don’t just show up on the belly, although that is the most common place. Since, during pregnancy, the body expends all over, you may end up seeing stretch marks on the abdomen, thighs, derriere and chest. That’s a lot to deal with and unfortunately, not too much can be done to prevent stretch marks from forming according to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. The only thing you can do is control as they are forming and most importantly, treat after the baby is born.


There are various oils and creams on the market that claim to help diminish stretch marks as they are forming and once fully there, but the jury is still out on their potency since there really isn’t any data on topical treatment effectiveness. But laser energy treatments have shown to produce results.


Stretch marks form when there is a change in the supportive layer of the skin and  elasticity is lost. Energy treatments such as Silk’n Lipo utilize RF (Radio Frequency) heat energy to target deep within the dermis layers of skin, where topical ointments simply can’t reach, to rejuvenate and restore elasticity to your skin. As a result stretch marks will dramatically improve along with the boost of collagen, generated by RF heat energy, skin cells will regenerate producing smoother and firmer looking skin.


The last thing you need to worry about when pregnant is how to get rid of those pesky stretch marks*. With Silk’n Lipo you can Facetite worrying, be prepared to get your body back to normal after pregnancy,  and most importantly concentrate on that baby you are about to have.


*Silk’n Lipo should not be used while pregnant or breastfeeding.


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