Spring Break(outs) – Is your skin ready?

Spring Break(outs) - Is your skin ready?

The fashion! The short shorts! The daring makeup! The sunglasses!

We just can’t get enough of spring’s arrival!

Spring is officially here!


It’s time to say goodbye to the cold sad winter and welcome the spring with open arms.

From now on, it’s only going to get hotter, sunnier and brighter!

The advantages of the spring are endless, from the longer daylight to nature blossoming in all its glory. Spring is here to stay!

But, this also means that there are some must-have adjustments you just can’t skip.

Going from the dry winter to a moisty summer affects the skin, resulting potential breakouts, blemishes and wrinkles.

1. SPF

If you read our blog you’d know by know just how important SPF is!

Sun is out more often, and on high levels, and you cannot afford to skip this stage!

Apply SPF always before going outside! The higher percent of the SPF the better.

Tip: Lose last year’s SPF and get a new one today! As time goes by the SPF loses from its efficiency. If it’s already been over a year since you last purchased your SPF, you really need to get a new one! If you rely on your last year’s foundation as your spf, get a new one and use the product as foundation only.


Drink water, and a lot!

It is recommended to drink eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 liters, or half a gallon. This is called the 8×8 rule and is very easy to remember.

Other than keeping you hydrated, this will ensure you’ll be getting that special glow to your skin. Remember: 70% of your body is water.

Tip: Water doesn’t have to be boring. Infuse your water with ice, Add slices of fresh lemon, cucumber, berries or fresh herbs to create a natural flavored water. You can put to rest for the night.

3. Diet adjustments:

Add more greens to your diet, Greek yogurt, fruits and eat rich fibers like quinoa.

This will ensure your energy level is at its highest.

Get a glowing skin by adding Vitamin A to your daily diet. It can be found mostly in carrots, sweet potato, and leafy greens.

Tip: Smoothies can be a great idea if you’re on the go and haven’t got much time to make breakfast. Add Quaker to your smoothie to get some of your daily dose of fibers.

4. Get a shade darker foundations

If you’re a makeup addict we’re sure you already got this one covered. FYI: It’s not only the season that change, but also your skin tone, which becomes half tone/tone darker. Makeup artists recommend having two shades of foundation, one for warmer days and another for cooler as your skin reacts according to the temperature outside.

Skin’s color changes according to the seasons. During the winter our skin is lighter than it is during the summer (without tanning).

Tip: Get oil-free based foundation, since you’re going to shine anyway because of the weather (humidity anyone?) you don’t want to look greasy. You don’t have to avoid applying your oil drops daily, as they are good for your skin. Simply avoid extra oils on your face that come from makeup products like foundation, highlighters, concealers etc and make sure they’re oil-free.

5. Take your workout outside

Outdoor exercise is literally a breath of fresh air.

Combine your gym workouts with outdoor training like running or bring your yoga mat to a nice park. Whatever you choose, you’ll enjoy the breeze and the fresh air.

Sun sets really late now and you can enjoy the extra day light. Your skin will enjoy the extra Vitamin D it’ll be getting, as it’s great for the glowing skin.

Tip: Replace one gym session with one outdoor session. Stay active outside and replace one workout at the gym with an outdoor one. You’ll be amazed with what it does to you.


If it isn’t enough, you can always get your hands on Silk’n Facetite, wrinkles reduction & collagen renewal device.

It will improve your skin’s elasticity, and create an even tone to your skin. It will also reduce those fine lines and make you look fresh and youthful.

Stay happy!

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