Skin Aging Foods That Will Shock You

Skin Aging Foods That Will Shock You

We all know the saying, ‘you are what you eat’ but how much thought do we really put into the way food will affect our skin when that freshly warmed bread is staring into our soul, or when that mojito is just too tempting after a long day’s work? What you eat will ultimately affect your skin for better or for worse and in just a moment you will learn the shocking truths behind some very familiar comfort foods.

There are certain foods that can speed the aging of your skin and joints (sigh) doing a deal of harm to your blood sugar levels. When it comes to food and aging it isn’t just the external appearance of wrinkles or even how thick your hair is, we are also talking about the factors that lie beneath the surface, such as degrading joints and organ function. It is important to think about how food can affect both internal and external factors alike.

Here are just a few foods that one should try to steer clear of or at least keep to a minimum if you want to slow down the affects of aging on the skin:


I know it’s not what you want to hear but you can’t fight the science! In order to understand just why all this yummy sugary goodness aids the aging process we must first understand the ‘glycation’ process.
Excess sugar in the body can not only lead to a number of health concerns but it can also affect the composition and appearance of our skin. With too much sugar in the body, the excess sugar molecules combine with proteins. These new sugar proteins are known as Advanced Glycation End products or: AGEs, and unfortunately these horrible little compounds do exactly that. Not only do they damage your joints and organs over time, but AGEs tend to drift toward elastin and dermal collagen, which is one of the key factors in the aging and wrinkling of skin.
In other words:
Too much sugar (natural /processed) = more AGEs = faster aging skin
Not exactly what we wanted to hear.

Wheat Based Foods


So what’s the issue with whole wheat? Whole wheat is the healthy option to wheat products right? Not necessarily! Large food companies want you to believe that their “whole wheat” is healthy for you, but the harsh reality is that wheat contains a type of carbohydrate called Amylopectin-A which is unusual in that it spikes the blood sugar even higher than pure table sugar. After understanding the process of glycation the penny may be beginning to drop. High blood sugar levels over time drastically increase the amount of AGEs in the body. This is why type 2 diabetics in many cases will appear to have not aged so well and may look older than their true age.


So if you really want to minimize those wrinkles and slow down the aging process both externally and internally then it would be best to eliminate or at least reduce the amount of sugar and baked goods including; muffins, breads and even cereals. Your body will repay you by aging slower and by keeping you looking younger for longer! Not to mention that added bonus of the extra body fat you will likely lose by reducing the amount of wheat and sugar in your diet!

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