silkn Tightra for vaginal tightness

Silk’n TIGHTRA women’s intimate health device

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Silk’n Tightra is a non-surgical treatment promoting the growth of healthy new way to improve sexual function, resulting in increased pleasure

Any women will suffer from physical changes after childbirth.

Some of these changes take effect during sex. Both men and women can feel the difference.

Today there are clinics that offer tightening treatment for women. These treatments are expensive and most women would prefer to avoid the embarrassing situation at the clinic.

You may ask yourself: Is there any solution for sensitivity lost of your intimate body area?

That’s why Silk’n Tightra is the best solution in the market for vaginal treatment by Radio Frequency technology.

The real breakthrough is here: Silk’n Tightra, RF technology to make a big change in your love life.

The Silk’n Tightra will tighten your intimate area and increase the pleasure during sex.

With Silkn Tightra you can be more confident with your body.
* Disclaimer: individual results may vary.

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silkn-tightra device for vaginal tightness

Silk’n Tightra

After giving birth or hormonal changes, for instance, menopause, women’s intimate areas may appear and feel different. Lessened pleasure during sex, drooping labia, weakened vaginal walls, dryness or urinary leakage may sometimes cause anxieties and insecurity. The groundbreaking Silk’n Tightra uses the clinically verified and proven Bi-Polar Radiofrequency energy, which has the ability to relieve such symptoms without the requirement for surgery.

Solve Vaginal Inconveniences Without Surgery

Whether as a result of giving birth, getting older or other reasons, some women are concerned about a loss of sensitivity or the changed appearance of their intimate areas. For some, wearing close-fitting clothing, riding, taking part in sports or simply enjoying uninhibited sex can then become problematic and even painful. Is a surgical procedure the only option? Silk’n gives you another solution!

A Vagina That Looks And Feels Much Younger

Presenting a new scientific innovation for women’s intimate wellness! Silkn’s scientists have developed a device which can be used in the privacy of your own home. Tightra employs a Bi-Polar RF energy which is well known and has been clinically proven for its effect on collagen containing tissue. The Bi-Polar RF is able to tighten and firm the inside as well as the outside of the vagina including the pelvic floor muscles. Women who used the Silk’n Tightra along with their partners informed of an overall increase in sexual function and pleasure. They also reported being happier and feeling more positive with the external appearance of their intimate area.

Daily Mail

Silk’n Tightra – Firms and tightens your most intimate area.

The Shuttle – Lifestyle

a healthy body can still be yours minus the surgery. The Silk’n Tightra is a new at-home clinical device that tightens and tones when used two to three times a week for six to eight weeks.

Kiss and Makeup Magazine

Tightra from Silk’n. Women’s health is in vogue, and with this new device you might just get toned and firm in your most intimate area, a feeling of wellness.

Trend Hunter

A new device for women that will help them to tighten and firm their physique… The 100% safe device works to help firm up the tissue inside and out.

Review Club

The revolutionary Silk’n Tightra manages to revive the vagina without surgery, so that you regain your confidence. Silk’n Tightra is a device that you can easily use at home. It is completely painless.

This will create a more youthful feeling and experience for women who are looking to rejuvenate their body and will provide positive benefits for women without the need for cosmetic surgery or supplements.


Bipolar RF Technology Has Been Clinically Tested And Proven

Bi-Polar RF technology is commonly used by doctors, for feminine wellness, as an alternative to having surgery. During these Bi-polar RF treatments, performed by medical physicians, the tissue in the vagina is renewed, blood-flow is improved, new elastin and collagen fibers are created, pelvic-muscles are made tighter, and the labia tightens and firms.

Silk’n has successfully adapted the same technological innovation into the Silk’n Tightra, a device ideally suited for use at home. This means that you no longer have to visit an expensive health center. Instead, you can use Tightra by yourself and in the comfort and privacy of your home. Using Tightra is safe and painless.

Silk’n similarly uses the same Bi-Polar RF energy in two other popular devices: in the Silhouette for cellulite reduction as well as in the FaceTite for facial rejuvenation. The two devices became immensely popular in just a short period of time and even won a prestigious award, the Victoire de la Beauté, in France. Since then, thousands of enthusiastic women throughout the world have been enjoying them!

Safe to Use

The Silk’n Tightra has been specially developed for home use and contains numerous important safety mechanisms. The device has 16 built-in heat-sensors that measure the skin’s temperature during treatment ensuring that the temperature of the skin never exceeds 42-43°C. The mechanism makes sure that your skin will never overheat. Furthermore, the Silk’n Tightra has a Touch Sensor ensuring that the device only works when it is at sufficient contact with the treatment area. In order to ensure the protection of the outer vaginal tissue against overheating, there is the Movement Sensor, which prevents heating when the tip of the Tightra is not moving over the area being treated. Finally, the Tightra has an Auto Shut-Off function, which turns the device off after it has been in use for a total of 20 minutes.

Fast And Noticeable Results

The Silk’n Tightra is easy to use and takes up very little time. Only eight 20-minute sessions during a 4-week period are needed to reach noticeable results. Throughout these sessions, both internal and external areas may be treated. Please always ensure that you carefully read the operating instructions prior to using the Silk’n Tightra.

How Does Silk’n Tightra Work?

Tightra is specially designed so that it doesn’t cause any discomfort during use. The device’s shape is comparable to a spatula, and it comprises of sixteen gold and chrome electrodes. All of the sixteen electrodes are designed for the intention of internal use, while the three chrome electrodes are designed especially for external use. While using the Silk’n Tightra, you will experience a warm sensation.

Prior to using the Silk’n Tightra, it is imperative to apply the supplied Silk’n Intimate Gel to the device. Application of this gel provides the conductivity necessary for the effective use of Bi-Polar RF energy.