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Silk’n Lipo with 2 Bricks uses cutting edge technology to help you shrink fat cells and reduce body circumference. The device is easy to use and also works to improve the appearance of cellulite for a tighter, smoother and more toned body, powered by Silk’n technology. Silk’n Lipo is an alternative to other professional aesthetic procedures. Silk’n Lipo may deliver immediate as well as long-lasting results as the user operates this professional treatment in their own home. You should expect advanced result comparing to the Silk’n Lipo technology*
* Disclaimer: individual results may vary.

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Reduce Your Body Circumference

EMS & LLLT Energy increases collagen production that stimulates skin tightening for men, producing: Firmer and Tighter skin texture Reduced body circumference in targeted areas Reduced appearance of imperfections such as stretch marks and lumps and bumps Expedited body reshaping Long lasting skin-lifting results Visible results may be seen after the first use

before using Lipo

Before Treatment vs. After Treatment

before using Lipo
After using Lipo
before using Lipo
After using Lipo
before using Lipo
After using Lipo

Lipo due device

Skin and body Firming

Silk’n uses clinically proven, LLLT & EMS technology that is already in use in clinics around the globe and delivers it directly to the user’s home. The treatment is painless and the technology penetrates the dermis layer of the skin to attack problem areas. The device is specially equipped with a safety mechanism to prevent overheating. Now you can eliminate stubborn fat deposits, and loose skin in any area on your body including the tummy, love-handles, arms, chest and more! Lipo comes with easy to follow, clear instructions allowing the user to experience the benefits of Silk’n’s spa-grade technology in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

Revolutionary LLLT & EMS Technology For Both Men and Women

There is only so far healthy eating and exercise can go, Silk’n Lipo takes you the rest of the way. With Silk’n Lipo you can finally get the firm, lean, and toned body you have been wanting, and with its long-lasting results, it will stay that way! How does it work? By generating LLLT & EMS energy into the dermis layer of the skin, collagen is forced to contract immediately. This contraction pulls the skin tight helping to get rid of imperfections and extra lumps and bumps to tighten and smooth skin.

Repeatedly the same treatment area causes the metabolism of fibroblasts to increase (fibroblasts are responsible for the synthesis of collagen). As the waves simultaneously heat fat cells, their metabolism is enhanced and thus the rate of liquid fat is released. This causes a shrinking of the fat cells as well as enhanced collagen production in the target area. Together this results in a more contoured shape with firmer and smoother skin.

Daily Mail

Silk’n Lipo – Drop a dress size in weeks with this sleek, handheld device that is clinically proven to shrink stubborn fat deposits.

The Shuttle – Lifestyle

a sculpted body can still be yours minus the surgery. The Silk’n Lipo is a new at-home clinical device that tightens and tones lax, sagging skin when used two to three times a week for six to eight weeks.

Kiss and Makeup Magazine

Lipo with Silk’n and Reveal a Slimmer, Sleeker You. It’s that time of year again…if you are feeling a little out of shape you may be heading towards panic mode. Well, the new device from Silk’n may be able to help you out.

Sunday Times

Tummy Tech…The Lipo skin tightening device by Silk’n uses LLLT & EMS technologies to rid us of those wobbly bits.

The Tatler

A new body-sculpting gadget that shrinks stubborn fat cells with LLLT & EMS beams that emit heat deep into the skin Great for your cellulite too.


How to Use Silk’n Lipo – Best Skin Tightener

 Silk’n technology lets users get rid of unwanted fat deposits, saggy skin, stretch marks, and more in a completely non-surgical or invasive manner. The device should be used 2 to 3 times a week for roughly 15 minutes (treatment area dependent) for 6 to 8 weeks. There should be at least one day between treatments in order to allow for the treatment to take effect and for the skin to regenerate. By following this regimen you will see both quick and long-lasting results. After the initial 6 to 8 week treatment, you can top up whenever you deem necessary.

Powered By Silk’n Technology

Silk’n Lipo Solo is clinically proven specifically to smooth and tighten all skin types and help stimulate cell regeneration, so you can feel even more beautiful in your natural skin. The Silk’n Lipo Solo helps strengthen the foundation of your skin’s natural healthy glow with the best anti wrinkle treatments available at home.

Silk’n Lipo Effects:

Innovative and cutting edge science right at your fingertips
Immediate and lasting change
Combats wrinkles and fine lines for smoother skin
It can effectively Facetite the signs of aging
Feel beautiful and confident in your natural skin!

Ratings and Reviews

See how people use the Silk’n Facetite / Facetite to treat signs of aging and enjoy visible improvement

Jasmine Kansas

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Use product for: 6 weeks

I lead a pretty healthy lifestyle and exercise but there are a few areas of very stubborn fat deposits on my body that just wouldn’t go away. After getting Lipo and using it a few times i started seeing a tightening in the areas i was targeting, like on my belly. Finally, I had something that made a difference! *

Jasmine, Queensland

Age: 41

Gender: Female

Use product for: 10 weeks

My problem was loose skin, after losing a lot of weight my skin started sagging, especially on my belly and love handles. It was extremely discouraging and made it feel like losing all that weight was pointless since i still felt uncomfortable in my swim shorts. So glad i got Silk’n Lipo, it has really helped with tightening my loose skin. I feel much more confident without my shirt on now. *

Sophia, Philadelphia

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Use product for: 14 weeks

I have a lot of stretch marks all the way from my teenage years. I have never felt comfortable about them and have really been wanting to do something about them for a long time. Finally, I decided to try something, I never thought it would be possible but it is. My wife got Silk’n Lipo for her own stretch marks and it helped, so I tried it too. I am amazed to say my stretch marks really tightened, got smaller and less visible. I am amazed. Can’t recommend it enough. *

Olivia, London

Age: 37

Gender: Female

Use product for: 43 weeks

My problem is that with getting older the skin really starts loosening and sagging naturally. I have always taken care of myself so it was unpleasant to see. I got the device to tighten up my chest and arms. I am very satisfied with the results. The skin has firmed up and became tighter to my body, my arms are more toned looking than they have been in a long time, I feel like my body looks 10 years younger! *

Andrea Brazil

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Use product for: 9 weeks

I was diagnosed with gynecomastia and have been trying to find a way to minimize the look of my chest ever since. I tried a lot of different products and none of them made much of a difference, that is until Silk’n Lipo. This device has really helped to tighten the skin around my chest so it looks smaller overall. I am extremely happy with the results and definitely recommend Lipo to anyone who needs help tightening their skin. *

Natasha, New South Wales

Age: 32

Gender: Female

Use product for: 12 weeks

I wanted an overall more definition to my shape, less fat, more tightening of skin for the beach season. After some research of multiple devices, since i found that creams made no difference, i decided to try Silk’n Lipo. It has really done a fantastic job of removing fat areas and giving me a more toned and firm body. *

J.Hellman (M.D.) recomment Lipo

J.Hellman (M.D.) *

‘I have been using Silk’n salon technology for over a year now, and the Face and Body Clinic could not do without it. We pride ourselves in providing the most cutting edge treatments for our clients and Silk’n salon technology is definitely on the top of our list. The non-invasive painless treatment gives instant results, is very popular and has become an all-round favorite. Silk’n pioneering technology can be used on all skin types and colours, which is an added bonus.’ *

Dr Kreindel (PhD) recomment Lipo

Dr Kreindel (PhD) *

‘My experience with Silk’n technology has been extremely positive, the treatment is effective and non-invasive and more importantly, it gives immediate results from the first treatment. My clients love it and I am very satisfied with the results. I look forward to seeing the development of Silk’n innovative radio frequency technology into a home device, and will definitely be recommending it to all my clients.’ *

Mulholland M.D. recomment Lipo

Mulholland M.D. *

Renowned anti-ageing expert, Dr. Mulholland (M.D.), comments that’ Silk’n Lipo offers an effective solution to smooth and firm skin, as well as reduce body circumference and the appearance of cellulite and dimpled skin. Lipo offers the same proven technology that is used in my clinic and by many other professional practices worldwide. EMS & LLLT technology for home use is putting the power to sculpt a smoother body literally into the hands of more and more people’ *