Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Glossary

Home Use RF Devices

Easy-to use portable radio frequency devices suitable for operation outside of a professional healthcare facility or in other non-clinical settings. Under federal guidelines, RF at-home techniques – including RF skin tightening devices – are designed for safe, easy and effective use by a layperson under variable environmental conditions; require minimal routine maintenance; meet RFI compatibility standards (see entry for RFI in main glossary) and address RF coexistence issues (given multiple home use devices operating on a common frequency). Read more

Non-Invasive Radio Frequency Skin Care

Minimally traumatic RF skin tightening treatment effectuated – at the epidermal, dermal or subcutaneous level – without the need for surgical incisions. Non-invasive radiofrequency treatments of the skin include facial and body tightening techniques: RF anti-aging, wrinkle reduction or removal; RF body sculpting; RF cellulite reduction.

RF Collagen Denaturation

RF collagen denaturation is an initial collagen contraction response resulting from the RF skin tightening procedure; upon RF induced thermal injury, the collagen fibrils shorten and thicken, enhancing molecular elasticity at both the dermal and subcutaneous levels. This is the first of the two phases in the RF skin rejuvenation process.

RF Collagen Remodeling

A gradual tightening of the skin, over a period of several weeks to six months, due to a delayed healing response marked by the restorative production of new collagen (neocollagenesis) and new elastin. The second of the two phases in the RF skin rejuvenation process, collagen remodeling creates the long-term skin tightening effects elicited by RF body contouring and RF facial skin tightening techniques.

RF Body Contouring

RF skin treatment designed to eliminate or minimize remaining excess skin and residual fat deposits following weight lose, by directing RF energy towards problem areas.

RF Face and Neck skin tightening

A device that uses radiofrequency instead of light for a nonablative (non-wounding) treatment that tightens skin of the face and neck by stimulateing the growth of new collagen fibers. This type of treatment requires no healing time. 

RF Cosmetic Treatments

RF skin treatments designed to achieve a certain aesthetically pleasing result.

RF Skin Care Device

The RF device used in non-invasive radio frequency skin care. An alternative term for an RF Skin Tightening Machine.

RF Skin Rejuvenation

Body / facial skin renewal attained through RF treatment induced restoration of collagen production (neocollagenesis). RF skin rejuvenation is characterized by reduced fat deposits, greater muscle definition, increased skin tightness, and enhanced elasticity of the dermis.

The RF device used in non-invasive radio frequency skin care.

RF Skin Tightening Safety

Safe and effective use of RF skin tightening machines is a function of the RF current, tissue impedance, and the duration of the application. While RF skin tightening techniques sometimes present temporary side effects  (such as mild swelling, short-term irritation, or a sinking of the skin), long term damage can be avoided by adherence to the manufacturer's instructions for use.

RF Skin Treatments

The use of a radio frequency skin tightening machine to achieve RF skin rejuvenation.

Skin Tissue Impedance

Because of their varying physical and electrical properties, different levels of skin tissue display differing degrees of impedance - i.e. resistance to the movement of charged particles in the electromagnetic field created the RF current; the higher the degree of impedance possessed by the tissue, the greater the amount of heat energy generated in response to the RF current.

Skin Laxity

The skin's loss of firmness and elasticity, resulting from intrinsic and external factors that degrade collagen and elastin in the skin – such as, natural ageing, genetics, diet, stress, lifestyle, sun exposure, weight fluctuations, exposure to environmental toxins, and smoking. Skin laxity presents as wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin.

Factite RF Skin Tightening Technology

RF skin tightening machines emit oscillating waves into areas of skin laxity and subcutaneous fat, inducing a two phase skin tightening process: (1) initial collagen denaturation; (2) collagen remodeling – (see relevant entries). The user can target the problem area requiring treatment by properly positioning the machine's RF poles (i.e. electrodes); the movement of the RF current between the poles generates the heat in the tissue that induces the skin tightening process. Whereas bipolar RF skin tightening devices employ two poles, the newer Silk'n technique utilizes three poles for three dimensional precision bounding of the targeted tissue.

Home Use RF Devices