Listen Up Ladies – Wrinkle Prevention Starts NOW!

Listen Up Ladies - Wrinkle Prevention Starts NOW!

Is Skin Aging Inevitable?

This is a question many in the beauty, health, and science arenas have been pondering for years… many, many, many years. And the answer is – it’s complicated. Aren’t we all just simply tired of hearing that? Ok then, let’s break it down, after all, we are all smart, capable women here, we can get to the bottom of skin aging!

As we get older our skin and our bodies go through the aging process with us. We naturally experience wear-and-tear as well as encounter some breakdowns. However, what is often overlooked, or possibly purposely omitted, is that many of the signs of aging of the skin are due to outside factors such as the sun, pollution, and much more. Which means something can actually be done about it! So while genes and time play a role in our appearance as we move forward in life, we can, to a considerable degree in fact, control how we look as we get older. Your fate is not predetermined ladies!

You chart your own path, no more looking at your mom or grandma to determine how you will look in 20, 30, 50 years from now!

Now, let’s talk tactics – how to prevent skin aging?

There are multiple external factors attacking our skin every single day, which means we have to be on the defensive, and the earlier we start the better for the overall appearance of skin as we age. Because, as we all know, it’s easier to prevent than to reverse. Let’s see what we can do…

Anti-Aging Skin Strategies To Implement NOW:

Avoid sun-damage – Wear sunscreen ALWAYS, rain or shine! The sun is the number one natural hazard to the skin, and the damaging UV rays are always there no matter the temps. So apply sunscreen generously and for the love of all that is healthy – Facetite baking in the sun.

Drink A LOT of water – There it is again, water…. Hydration is key in keeping skin healthy and wrinkle free and firm. You can hydrate skin with moisturizer but nothing beats hydrating from within.

Don’t smoke – Cigarettes are bad on so many levels, one of which is the damage it causes the skin. It destroys collagen and elastin which are necessary for keeping skin healthy, and it decreases the levels of estrogen, which helps to keep skin firm.

Get enough sleep – Ever hear the expression “get your beauty rest”? Skin needs downtime to repair itself. While we sleep our blood flow is increased which means the cell turnover is improved, and we produce more collagen which keeps skin looking good.

Keep to a daily skincare routine – To get rid of the pollution and god knows what else that has landed on your face during the day and is most likely eroding and damaging the skin in the short and long-term- cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and moisturize every day. This simple routine will go a long way to keeping your skin healthy.

Incorporating an anti-aging device into your routine will multiply your skincare efforts. The Tria SmoothBeauty device emits laser energy that reaches deep to the dermis layer below the surface of the skin. Once there this light energy naturally stimulates collagen production and blood circulation, increasing exponentially biological activities your body naturally already does (read the above point about sleep). The results are wrinkle and fine line prevention as well as tightened and rejuvenated skin appearance.

Minimize stress – Stress takes a toll on the body, mind, and skin! When we are anxious or stressed, our bodies release cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. Cortisol is responsible for a host of problems, inflammation being one of them, which affects the skin and in the long run can result in the breakdown of collagen, creating fine lines and wrinkles. Exercise is a good way to lower stress, along with many other positive effects it will have on your body and mind.

Eat right – A healthy, balanced diet is good for your entire body including the skin. Lots of fruits, veggies, fish, poultry, and nuts are important to incorporate. And remember antioxidants are where it’s at when it comes to your skin. Antioxidants help protect skin against free radicals in the environment, which are damaging to skin cells. They help to prevent a break down in the skin’s elastin and collagen, resulting in more youthful, healthier skin

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