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Radiofrequency Skin Tightening

Intro to Radio Frequency Skin Tightening for Home

Radiofrequency (RF) devices are used for skin tightening treatments. RF energy can be used to tighten skin, reduce wrinkles, and even reduce the appearance of cellulite.

How Do RF Devices Work?

RF energy uses the tissue’s resistance within the layers of the skin to turn the RF energy into kinetic thermal energy. This induces collagen remodeling and neocollagenesis (the creation of new collagen).

Because Radiofrequency treatments use an electrical current, as opposed to a light source, minimal tissue damage occurs. And, because epidermal melanin is not targeted, devices that use RF for skin tightening can be used to treat all skin types and colors.

A study done by the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology found that the newer at-home RF devices that use phase-controlled multisource radiofrequency technology statistically improved skin appearance based on the Fitzpatrick wrinkle and elastic scale.

RF Facial & Neck Tightening

Radiofrequency treatments are proven for the treatment of sagging skin and wrinkles in the face and neck. Radiofrequency waves smooth out fine lines and wrinkles without cutting into the skin.

RF works on the face and neck the same as it does on other areas of the body, by causing a contraction of collagen to tighten the skin. This procedure is virtually painless.
Radiofrequency skin tightening and wrinkle reducing treatments are used by many celebrities as an alternative to costly surgical facelifts.

Radio Frequency Utilized in Pain Treatment

Radiofrequency systems have a 70 year history in medicine. Radiofrequency ablation has been used to treat chronic conditions, such as arthritis of the spine (spondylosis) and sacrolitis, as well as chronic neck, back, knee, pelvic, and peripheral nerve pain. Endoscopic RF machines are also in use for GI Tract problems.

Brief History of RF Technology for Cosmetic Use

The first FDA approved RF skin tightening treatment device became commercially available in 2002. Since then, consumer demand for this non-invasive treatment has led manufacturing companies to develop RF devices for home use. At-home Radiofrequency devices work on the same principal as the large machines used in clinics and spas. However, they create less heat, making them safer for self-use.

Thanks to advances in technology many of these home devices, such as the Silk’n Facetite and Lipo (https://www.stop2pose.com/), are not, and have never been, tested on animals.

Similar to the machines found in clinics, the at-home RF treatment devices use one of four systems.

  • Monopolar RF was the original RF system developed for skin treatments and uses one electrode.
  • Bipolar RF + Laser/Light is a newer system that uses two closely placed electrodes. RF energy is combined with either lasers or pulsed-light energy in this treatment. WHAT MAKES THIS UNIQUE FROM MONOPOLAR TECHNIQUE?
  • Fractional Bipolar RF is similar to laser treatments – many small, discontinuous areas are treated in a grid-like pattern.
  • Monopolar + Bipolar RF (Tripolar) uses both of these complimentary treatment systems for wrinkle and cellulite treatment. It is this system that powers many home treatment devices.

The Mayo Clinic lists Radiofrequency systems as one of the most promising medical therapies in the treatment of cellulite.