Don’t Let Cellulite Ruin Your Pictures! Cellulite Removal Methods

Don’t Let Cellulite Ruin Your Pictures! Cellulite Removal Methods

Fall is upon us and many of us will be looking back at those summer pictures, noticing a few more dimples, or maybe a few extra inches that have somehow managed to creep on. You can rest assured that you are not alone – cellulite and unwanted fat is a concern for just about every woman on the planet, with cellulite affecting around 80% of women over the age of 20.
Since cellulite is more of a structural problem than a fat problem (even the slimmest of people can have it), no amount of exercise and diet alone can efficiently treat it. But fear not, there are a few treatment methods that can downplay its appearance.

Topical Solutions

The easiest short-term method to help improve the appearance of cellulite is through lotions and creams; there are those that contain a vitamin A derivative and those with caffeine. Caffeine has a temporary tightening effect whereas Vitamin A can improve the skin’s thickness over time – both making lumps and bumps appear less visible. For best results the products should be robustly massaged into the skin in a circular motion. Results however, are short-lived, usually lasting until your next shower – if you’re lucky!

Surgical Solutions

For a longer term solution, there is one option that has probably crossed everyone’s mind, which is of course; surgery. Smart-Liposuction, SkinTightening Tucks and Surgical Laser treatments can be highly effective when it comes to removing cellulite and unwanted fat, but unfortunately  come with a hefty price tag! Any and every invasive surgery has its dangers and possible side effects, and then there’s the $$$’s; One session of Smart-Liposuction will set you back $5,000 and Laser Treatment will cost a huge $5,000 to $7,000!

Professional Treatments – Spa

For those on a tighter budget looking for long-term results, professional spa treatments might just be the way to go. There are numerous options to choose from, one of which is Endermologie. With treatments costing anything from $50 to $150, results are subtle but will last up to a few months – much better than those creams! The treatment involves the kneading of the skin with a suction device to help stimulate collagen and boost circulation. The down side is the high pain threshold needed to make it through a whole session, not to mention having to repeat sessions every few months – Pain really is beauty in this case!

Want to go one step further? Dermatologists now offer even more high-tech treatments. The gold standard of cellulite removal is in radio-frequency (RF) and laser devices, both of which offer to stimulate collagen production and physically alter the Septae. This relieves the strain, so that they don’t pull so hard on the skin (which is what leads to dimples to begin with). These treatments are relatively pain free, aiming to heat the fat cells beneath the skin in order to cause shrinkage. You will need about 8 treatments costing $300 to $500 per session and should expect around a 50% reduction in cellulite dimples. Results can last from 6 months to 2+ years or longer with a few top-up (maintenance) treatments thereafter. This seems like the most efficient method so far, but we’re not done yet, there’s more…

Home-use Professional Treatments

Venturing one step even further, it is only recently that professional treatments such as Radio Frequency (RF) technology have been developed for home-use, costing a fraction of the price.
Those who want to be smart about removing cellulite, and haven’t got the cash for the spa, can save a lot of cash with a one-time purchase of a home-use device. Using clinically proven technology, the Silk’n Lipo will cost just $449 – a small packed RF device with unlimited uses, designed for self-treatment, costing in some cases the same as one spa treatment session whilst using the very same technology. Silk’n Lipo uses 3rd generation RF technology to induce lipolysis; deep tissue heating used to shrink unwanted fat cells, smoothening over cellulite whilst increasing collagen production, absolutely pain-free. Results can be seen from the first treatment and are long lasting – not that it matters, the future is now – the spa has relocated to your home!

Before and after pictures showing the effect of the Silk’n Lipo after 6 treatment sessions on fat and midriff cellulite reduction. For more before and after pictures go to

All in all, there are a vast number of ways to help reduce the appearance of cellulite and those mentioned here are just the tip of the ice berg! Whether you have the cash to splash, or the high pain threshold to stomach some of these methods, there is something for everyone to choose from.


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