Winter: The BEST Time to Treat Your CELLULITE WOES!

Winter: The BEST Time to Treat Your CELLULITE WOES!

Brrr its cold outside! Some people thrive in the winter time (we call them crazy) but for many of us it is a glum time of year. We need to keep our spirits up and know that it is not all doom and gloom – for winter is the perfect time to get started on ridding ourselves of that damn cellulite that has been slowly creeping up on us.

With 90% of women affected by the dreaded lumps and bumps there is no need to feel alone. This common issue is a huge downer for some including the likes of Victoria Secret Models!

Dr. Larry Lickstein (board certified plastic surgeon at CSCMD) explains that “winter is the ideal time to treat cellulite”. But ‘why’ I hear you asking. Any treatment method used to treat cellulite; be it scrubbing, surgery or treatments are going to need time to work and in the case of surgery, to heal. Using Home Skinovationss’ Silk’n cellulite treatment device requires a recommended 6-8 weeks of treatment to get that booty looking the way you want it to! Top up sessions can be applied however often you feel necessary.

If you want to be ready for swimsuit season we recommend getting ahead of the game whilst you can keep covered and snuggled up this Winter!

Silk’n Lipo offers a real scientifically proven solution for cellulite reduction as it targets the source of the structural tissue that causes it. To help you prepare for the warmer months, Stop2pose is offering a special price this Winter with up to 20% off!

So what are you waiting for?

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