Update Your Fall Skincare Routine

Update Your Fall Skincare Routine

With the temperatures beginning to Fall and the darkness creeping in it is clear the fall is definitely upon us. With the changing seasons it is important to keep your skincare routines in check. You may notice your skin changing with the seasons, at this time of year it is beginning to lose some of that moisture that summer kept in so well. It is vital to keep your skincare up to date during this skin confusing transition. A good fall routine will make sure to correct any damage leftover from the harsh summer sun and also prepare your skin for the oncoming winter. Here we give you some small ways to brighten up your skin for Fall.

Switch up Your Cleansing Routine

Your summer cleansing routine probably meant you were using foaming and gel cleansers, but during Fall this simply won’t do. As the humidity is sapped out of the air, you will notice your skin becoming drier. Be sure to switch your cleanser to a sulfate-free gel in the morning and something with a little more volume, such as a lotion based cleanser for use before bed.

Shed a Layer

When we say ‘shed a layer’ we aren’t talking about your clothes but your skin! People often forget that exfoliation is key this season. Most think that exfoliation will exacerbate skin dryness but it is quite the opposite. You need to exfoliate to get rid of that flaky skin. Try exfoliating once-twice a week, no need to overdo it and aggravate the skin. If you really want fabulous skin, invest in a Glo-Me microdermabrasion device. The Glo-Me will work its magic by effectively shedding the dry layer of skin on your face (painlessly), revealing soft glowing skin beneath.

Hydrate Your Skin

The summer months are all about light-weight moisturizers – anything heavy would simply melt off, but during the colder months the skin needs a little extra TLC. If you suffer from very dry skin, it is recommended to use both a serum and slightly heavier moisturizer (than that used in winter). Apply your moisturizer when the skin is damp for maximum effectiveness. Those with skin on the more oily side, make sure to get yourself a moisturizer for your skin needs. Recently Zinc has been hailed as the perfect ingredient for oily skin moisturizers. The zinc prevents the skin producing oil when the dry months begin. Anything containing alcohol can be very dehydrating for oily skin. Petrolatum can also lead to clogged pores – stay clear!


If you haven’t already made friends with toners then there is no time like the present. Fall is the perfect time to add toners to your skincare routine. An alcohol free toner will give your skin that extra hydration it is thirsty for.

Don’t Ditch the SPF!

The sun may be hiding behind the clouds and it may not feel as warm on your skin, but don’t be fooled, that is no reason to ditch the SPF. So much skin damage caused by UV ray occurs during fall. This is the time where the sun catches people off guard as people ditch the sunscreen, thinking the sun is no longer ‘strong’. In fact, UVA rays are just as harsh in fall as they are in summer! These are the rays responsible for skin cancer and aging of the skin. So keep a good SPF handy. With so many SPFs readily available it is simple to find one catered to your skin type. This is the single most important product in anyone’s skincare routine!

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