Tricks For Rejuvenating The Eyes

The eyes are the windows to the soul.


Eyes are the first thing that people look at when meeting someone, and they offer the first clues of the type of person that is in front of them. People are preconditioned to make quick judgements about those around them, something that used to be essential for survival in prehistoric times and, essentially, still holds true today. Descriptions like: he had kind eyes, or her eyes were inquisitive, or she had an angry look in her eyes, and so on, are ubiquitous and are very typically first to be used to describe people.


Given how important eyes are to people’s perceptions of us, and how sensitive and easily affected the skin around the eyes is, it only makes sense to make caring for eyes a priority in our beauty and skin care routines. After all, no one wants to be described as having tired looking eyes, or aging eyes, or having big dark circles. All of these are signs of aging along with a score or other routine, but none the less unpleasant, developments that naturally occur in our lives, such as being underslept, or getting sick, even not eating well, and aging.


Here are some beauty tricks for fighting various eye issues:


  1. Fighting wrinkles –  avocado, with vitamin E and fatty acids, it’s great for moisturizing and fighting free radicals, you can make great masks with it. Egg whites moisturize and firm up loose skin, such as fine lines and wrinkles. Apply an egg white around the eyes daily for anti-aging results. Cucumber slices – this one seems to be the most well known natural beauty trick.  Rich in vitamin C and caffeic acid, it moisturizes and regenerates skin.   Keep the slices on the eyes for 10 minutes for a fresh look.
  2. Fighting Dark Circles – cucumber and milk mixture is works wonders for detoxifying bags or dark circles and allowing more circulation. Soak 2 slices of cucumber in cold milk and apply eyes. Chamomile tea is a popular remedy, it’s an anti-inflammatory and relaxant that will get the blood flowing and Facetite retention of fluid. Make very strong tea from 2 bags, soak some cotton balls and apply to eyes.
  3. Fighting puffiness – apply a cold compress for 10 minutes, can use the same products as mentioned above for since they provide anti-inflammatory properties or even just a cold spoon. Caffeine-infused creams can also decrease the retention of liquids and firm up the skin.
  4. Fight Tired looking eyes – Massage will help rejuvenate, increase circulation, and tone. Apply any eye cream or any of the above-mentioned lotions to the eye area. Massage under the eyes in a circular motion, going up, then squeeze the bridge of the nose and place fingers between tear ducts while making small circles with fingers.  Using the middle finger gently tap along the area of the bags under the eyes. Then relax while covering the eyes with hands, repeat 3 times.

Now that we got the eyes sorted let’s make sure the rest of our face matches the fresh and firm appearance of your eyes. One way to do this is to use a device like Silk’n Facetite. Silk’n Facetite therapy improves circulation and collagen production.  The energy treatments will work to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines all over the face, giving a more firm, smooth and refreshed appearance!

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