The Secret to Oscar Perfect Skin!

The Secret to Oscar Perfect Skin!

With the Oscars coming up just next week, you can bet your bottom dollar that celebs will be doing everything and anything to look their absolute best. They’re probably busting their asses as we speak hitting the gym at full speed! In the weeks running up to the Oscars, celebs will no doubt be seeking out their fairy God mothers, wait no, dermatologists, to get their complexion beaming and camera ready. Picture quality has never been better and with every pore shown in immense detail, there is nowhere to hide! More and more celebs are now opting for non-invasive skincare treatments pre events. They don’t want any stitches or scars on show, or worse, a Tom Cruise puffy Botox session ruining their moment!

With many stars wanting to look their absolute best, skin tightening treatments have become the new go-to treatment. Tightening can smooth over wrinkled skin and even tighten certain areas of the body, giving an Oscar worthy glow! With little to no downtime this proves the best way to keep the skin looking radiant yet natural before a big event!

Celebs using skin-tightening techniques include:

Sienna MilleThe Secret to Oscar Perfect Skin!

Sienna is a big fan of the Triad Facial consisting of a 3 step process. Gentle microdermabrasion to rid the skin of any dead skin cells, followed by laser toning to stimulate long-term collagen production, and finally a gentle Chemical Peel.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lawrence

These two beauty queens are known for using the ‘Total Lift’ treatment. We know what you’re thinking ‘can it reduce these thighs though?’ – the answer of course is yes! The treatment involves the use of radio frequency technology to reduce cellulite and induce circumferential fat reduction. Using the very same technology as the Silk’n Lipo, skin is gently (and painlessly) heated by radio frequency energy, causing the skin to tighten on a cellular level, resulting in a body sculpting effect and a reduction of cellulite as collagen fibers are forced to contract. Say Squeeze!!

These celeb spa treatments may cost you an arm and a leg but with Home Skinovations’s home-treatment aesthetic technology, you can bring these treatments home. Just like the Triad Facial, the Glo Me is the perfect microdermabrasion tool to remove old skin cells and reveal the youthful skin trapped beneath.

A celebrity prepping for the Oscars may begin their treatment a few weeks before the red carpet and even continue until the very last day before an event! Due to the non-invasive nature of these procedures, there will only be a very small amount of swelling and redness – if any! In other words, great results and literally no down time! Talk about getting red-carpet ready last minute!

If you have a big event coming up, maybe it’s not the Oscars but maybe a wedding, holiday of even a birthday, a series of skin tightening treatments might be just for you. And rather than wasting time and emptying out your pockets in the spa, why not save the cash and bring the spa to you with Home Skinovationss’ home-use beauty tools!?

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