Surprising Solutions for a Younger Looking Neck

Surprising Solutions for a Younger Looking Neck

We’ve all been told again and again just how important a good skincare routine is. It is the foundation behind long-lasting youthful looking skin. We are getting better with it, but we need to push the boundary a little further. No one wants to walk around with a youthful looking face but only to peer down and see a leathery looking chest and sagging neck skin – yikes. The décolleté is an area that we tend to neglect.

With the neck and chest area regularly left exposed to the sun, it’s no surprise that this is one of the first areas to show the signs of aging. It starts with a few brown discolorations here and there, sooner or later the wrinkles begin to slowly creep in, next thing you know the skin around the neck area has begun to sag. It’s the same story with the hands – the hands will always show your true age, but why we hear you ask? Because this area is exposed to aging’s worst enemy most of all – the sun. Sun damage, loss of skin elasticity and skincare negligence will mean the chest and neck area are left to fend quite literally, for themselves.

How can you Prevent Aging on the Neck & Chest?

Extend your Skincare routine:

There’s no need to go out and break the bank, spending money on unnecessary creams meant to specifically target the décolleté area. The truth is, your facial skincare products can do the very same job. You should simply be extending the same skincare routine that you apply to your face (cleansing, toning, exfoliating and moisturizing) all the way down to your chest and neck area. You need to be giving the same TLC that you afford your face with!

Sun Protection

Low cut clothing can leave the chest and especially the neck exposed to the sun on a daily basis, making these areas exceptionally vulnerable to UV radiation sun damage. It goes without saying, that if you want to keep your skin looking young and flawless for years to come, you should be applying SPF 30+ on a daily basis to the face, neck and chest areas, and if you want to go that extra mile – the hands as well! Say goodbye to sunbeds and tanning sessions, a good self-tanner can do the very same without those harmful UV rays.

“Turkey Neck” Treatment

“Turkey Neck” is a dreadful term used to describe the sagging skin that tends to occur to unfortunate individuals as they age – which is mostly everyone. There isn’t an awful lot we can do to defy the laws of gravity and physics itself. Unlike the skin on the face, the neck isn’t supported by a bone structure; combine that with the force of gravity pulling the skin on a daily basis, this will be one of the first places to notice the signs of aging.

What to do with all that sagging? As much as it pains us to say it, when it comes to age-related sagging there is a point of no return where the sagging can only be addressed by surgery. No cream, lotion or potion – no matter how tempting the “lifting” claims may be will help. Nonetheless, you can create firmer skin and prevent further sagging by using products with antioxidants, better yet, eating food with tones of antioxidants as well as tightening the skin through various methods – including the use of radio-frequency (RF) can lend a helping hand.

RF Technology – the Prevention and Cure to Sagging Skin

By directing RF currents into the dermal layers of the skin, non-invasive RF devices force the collagen fibers to tighten. Bundles called ‘fibroblasts’ (where collagen replenishment takes place) are targeted to increase collagen production, giving a tighter and more contoured appearance – in other words, smoother and younger looking skin. The Silk’n Facetite is an RF skin tightening device that does just that, the device can be used on the face, neck and even hand area. With science and technology expanding at an ever hastening pace, soon enough we will be able to say goodbye to invasive surgery for good!

A combination of great skincare, daily sun protection, and RF prevention and treatment, will surely keep your décolleté looking younger for far longer. In the very worst case scenario, there are various cosmetic procedures that are targeted to lifting the neck area. If you aren’t already at this stage, we suggest starting prevention yesterday!

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