Skincare Guide For Holiday Travel!

Skincare Guide For Holiday Travel!

The festive season is chock full of activity, from holiday parties and events, to present hunting (ohh soo much shopping), and of course, the all-important spending time with loved ones.

Some of us are blessed to live close to family and friends but most of us live some distance away from at least some (or most) of our loved ones. Therefore, travel has become an essential part of the holiday season. We also can’t forget that many choose to vacation during this time, some to reunite with family and some to get away, to warmer climates perhaps. Either way, travel reigns supreme, and one of the most popular modes for travel is airplanes!

While travel by airplane is the most expedient, it is far from ideal. Air travel offers up challenges to both body and mind, but the organ that suffers most is the skin.

  • Air-travel brings with it anxiety and stress, along with a cabin full of bacteria and particles being recycled over and over into the air. Due to these irritants, our skin can become red, aggravated, inflamed, and break-out prone.
  • Due to the pressurized, low humidity environment of the airplane, our skin tends to get completely de-moisturized and dull, which leads dry skin to get drier and oily skin to get even oilier (our bodies tend to overcompensate).

Overall we are looking at a skin disaster situation! There are a few tricks that we can do before, during, and after a flight that will help us keep our skin in check. Let’s break them down:

  1. Wear minimal makeup or better yet, none at all. Not having any makeup will allow oil and dead skin cells, that are sure to form during the flight, to fall away or be wiped off instead of just sitting there and clogging up your pores.
  2. Apply plenty of moisturizer before, during, and after the flight to fight the dry air in the airplane. A moisturizing mask done the night before the flight offers an added shot of hydration.
  3. Mist with mineral water regularly during the flight to hydrate and refresh your face.
  4. Bring blotting papers or face wipes to be able to wipe off any residue makeup, oils and dead skin cells.
  5. Use SPF, unless taking a night flight you are even closer to the sun than when grounded, so continue to protect yourself from the sun rays coming in through the windows.
  6. Drink lots and lots and lots of water- self-explanatory at this point.
  7. Wear cotton clothing instead of synthetics. Wearing loose-fitting, cotton clothes will be easy on the skin and will help prevent rashes.
  8. After the flight take a minute to cleanse, gently exfoliate, and moisturize your face one more time. For a more thorough exfoliation use Glo Me, a microdermabrasion device which functions as a stronger exfoliant to remove the dead or damaged skin cells.

After following this Travel Skincare guide, you are sure to look just as good at your destination, as you do now! Who knows,… maybe even better.

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