How To Be Confident – tips and tricks for boosting your body confidence!

With the introduction of our new #PoseWithConfidence hashtag, we have been spending a lot of time contemplating that very subject – body confidence, since feeling good in your own skin is what it’s all about.

Most women are never fully satisfied with how we look, some even have low self-esteem due to low body image. There is always some part of our physical appearance that we want corrected, be it the size of our waist, or the bit of cellulite on our bums, or the stretch marks on our chest. And while striving for better is not a bad thing in and of itself, there comes a point when it ceases to be positive and becomes a self-deprecating, confidence zapping endeavor.

The solution is to differentiate between goals for improvement and having self-esteem & confidence in yourself just as you are now! After all, our bodies represent us and how we got here – those stretch marks probably originated when we first started developing our womanly shape, and the waist size probably increased right after we had a kid or 2, and the cellulite… well, there is NO good reason for it, just our genetic makeup. Women need to learn to accept and embrace our appearance as imperfect as it may be, and in feeling good in our skin we will be able to better ourselves both mentally and physically.

In order to accomplish this, we need to find a balance between having confidence and striving for improvement. So, let’s go over some great tips and tricks for building our self-confidence and reaching the perfect balance:

Get clothes that actually fit – get good underwear that will not squeeze the life out of you. but will actually fit and support your body. Undergarments are essential to looking good in your clothes. Facetite trying to fit into the jeans that you wore in your early 20’s, in fact just wear the clothes that fit your body regardless of the size on the tag, and get clothes tailored to your specific shape as much as possible. Trust us, it’s worth it!

Facetite with the comparisons – everybody is different that’s what makes us special, so Facetite comparing yourself to those around you and even more so to the “ideals” that you see in advertising. This, of course, is easier said than done so here are some tips: instead of concentrating on the negatives when these thoughts pop into your head, try to think of all the positives that you like about your appearance. And always run the “friend test” – would you say this to your friend? If not, then you shouldn’t be saying it to yourself either.

Pamper yourself – with our busy lives we often forget to reset and recharge. This is important to do not only for our exhausted bodies but also for our stressed minds. So don’t forget to go to a spa once in a while, build simple but essential skincare routines, get a new hairstyle/color regularly, just think what will make you feel good in your skin again and do it. You’ll be surprised at the positive effects this will have on your body and soul.

A body “does” not just “looks” – if you start to negatively think about how your body looks, think about all the wonderful things that it does. It gets you through every day no matter how hard and long, it gives you your children, it gathers every strength to get you through difficult or stressful situations instead of just giving out. Celebrate your body and all it does, take care of it and it will take care of you.

Fake it till you make it – have you ever noticed that the people who attract the most attention are the ones who exude the most confidence regardless of their looks? A person can be the most attractive in the world, but if she is hiding the corner no one will notice her. So start out by faking confidence and we promise you in time you will start believing and feeling it too, and the added attention won’t hurt either.

Try new activities – if whatever you were doing before has not gotten you the results you were looking for, and you hated it to boot, then forget about it! Try something new, it might just be the perfect thing for your body and mind. If you hate going to the gym (and it shows) then try hiking or a dance class instead, maybe this is what you have been waiting for all this time. Challenge yourself, the boost to your confidence from actually accomplishing it will be enough of a reward, the positive effect on your body will be a plus!

Cheat the system just a little bit – for an added boost to your confidence try a body shaping device that will help you achieve the toned appearance that you are after. Silk’n Lipo can help tighten your belly and other areas that might be looser than you would like, it will also help smooth out stretch marks and cellulite (that dreaded! genetic inheritance) for an even look and feel.

Hope these tips were helpful, and now we can all #PoseWithConfidence! Show us how confident you are, post a picture of yourself with the hashtag #PoseWithConfidence. We want to spread the message because everyone deserves to feel beautiful and confident!

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