Not Your Typical Body Types

Not Your Typical Body Types

What Body Type Are You?

By now we are all too familiar with the commonly used body type selection – apple, pear, hourglass, rectangle, and triangle. We are told that every woman on the planet belongs to one of these groups. But, of course not everyone fits neatly into a type nor is it a scientifically backed approach, therefore, outside of perhaps, finding outfits that better suit one’s presumed body type, there isn’t much else this selection can do for us.

However, there is another, more general yet more specifically calculated and scientific, body-type classification. Its called somatotypes, developed by psychologist William Sheldon in the 1940s, and while the psychological characteristics of this classification have not proven to be correct, the physical definitions aspect of it has endured as Rob Rempel said “With modifications …. somatotype has continued to be the best single qualifier of total body shape” This classification does not Facetite at a subjective selection of where one might fit in, although you can easily do so as well, but by utilizing a mathematical formula developed for calculating body type, which takes into account one’s specific dimensions.

What’s more, based on this numerical classification one can utilize exercise techniques developed by professionals in sports science and physical education based on and for the categories in the somatotypes.

So what are these somatotypes and which one are you?

What Is Your Somatotype?

Sonya Golod
Created by Sonya Golod
On Jan 24, 2018

Ectomorph – this body type is long limbed and not too muscular. No observable body fat, can even have relatively low weight/ small size yet still have high body fat. Their genetic makeup limits their ability to put on muscle mass. So exercise should focus on power and resistance training to build strength, while diet should concentrate on good-quality fats with moderate amounts of protein.

Mesomorph – this is the athletic body type, building muscle comes easy, almost without trying, generally proportionally built. Losing and gaining weight happens easily as well, because their genetic makeup is well suited to power and strength, exercise should focus on endurance training, high-intensity interval training, along with Pilates or yoga to lean out the figure as well. Diet should include good-quality fats and some carbohydrates.

Endomorph – this body type is typically curvey, fuller figured that tends to be softer and to store fat easily, meaning it is often a struggle to keep the weight off. Exercise should consist of high-intensity activities such as CrossFit, as well as weight training and some endurance training. Diet should have good-quality fats and protein, but little carbohydrates.

The one unifying factor for all the body types is – one may be doing and eating all the right things but may still not be able to reach the perfect look that the body is supposed to be capable of achieving. What then? In such a situation, or if you just want some extra help to reach the ideal you, some help can be found in Silk’n Lipo.

Silk’n Lipo can be used at home to firm up and smooth out any area on the body that needs help. It is a body tightening device that helps to stimulate natural processes that renew and shrink skin cells, thereby reducing body circumference while eliminating cellulite and smoothing lumps and bumps. The results give the body a tighter and shapelier look.


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