Mummified Celebs or Anti-aging Gold?

Mummified Celebs or Anti-aging Gold?

Who would have guessed that one of the latest celebrity crazes involves the mummification of their faces! Mummification isn’t quite the right term but they could certainly fool. Let’s see if you can unmask these celebs (scroll down for answers)? Known as ‘cheat sheets’ these scary looking face masks make for the ideal Halloween costume but October has been and gone so what exactly is all the fuss about?

What is a Cheat Sheet?

‘Cheat sheets’ come in many different forms with varying ingredients. Vitamins, minerals, lactic acid and even hyaluronic acid, an ingredient that attracts water to plump the skin, are inserted into the fine sheets. These fine cotton cloths can cost upwards of $150 for a 10-pack, easy enough for these deep pocketed celebs. Though if you’re looking to get your hands on them, there are plenty of cheaper alternatives on the market made from paper and silicone formats, just keep an eye out for the ingredients, taking your skin type into consideration when purchasing. Though these handy face cloths work well for brightening the complexion and providing a quick skin fix before a night out, unfortunately the effects are short lived. The masks will need to be reapplied the following day in order to gain the benefits once again, making them an effective short-term anti-aging solution, but failing to leave long-lasting results.

Are They All That?

Skipping the need to go to the spa for a facial and getting messy with lotions and potions, the idea behind these slightly terrifying masks is brilliant. The sheet is applied for 15 minutes and that’s all it takes to brighten up the face topically for a quick anti-aging fix.
The issue however is just that, this is a quick-fix; don’t be fooled into thinking that results are long-term. Post application, ones complexion will surely be revitalized and appear more youthful, but the ingredients absorbed by the skin to it up plump will surely fade overnight. If a quick fix is exactly what you’re looking for, for a last minute night out, then this is perfect! But if you want to invest in your complexion and actually reduce wrinkles and fine lines for long lasting results, then unfortunately this isn’t going to do the trick. The only trick these masks will be achieving is in petrifying the neighbors!

Long-term Alternatives

Long-term anti-aging solutions can only be achieved through Professional treatments, surgical solutions and a small handful of very specific topical solutions. For those who aren’t prepared to go under the knife or undergo invasive procedures, there’s an array of professional treatments out there to help you achieve your anti-aging goals. LED light therapy, microdermabrasion, radiofrequency and acid peels to name a few, are all viable non-invasive solutions to your anti-aging woes.

Home Skinovations have cleverly developed the patented Silk’n Facetite to be used as an at home radiofrequency professional treatment and the best part is – One facial treatment will take the same amount of time as a cheat sheet! The key differences between the methods lie with radiofrequency results remaining for the long run. The question is whether you would prefer a quick fix or something more long lasting. The Facetite is a soothing treatment which works by encouraging the fibroblasts, responsible for collagen production in the dermis layer of the skin, to synthesize more collagen, affectively smoothing over wrinkles and delivering a long-lasting youthful complexion.

It’s a bit much to call this face mask fad ‘anti-aging gold’, although a great quick fix and highly convenient option, it isn’t quite golden if results fade quickly. Return of the mummy is probably more ideal!



Did you guess right?

1. Rita Ora

2. Heidi Klum

3. Adele

4. Katie Perry

5. Kelly Osbourne

6. Cat Deeley

7. Geri Halliwell

8. Katie Price

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