How to use Your Glo-Me (Because you’re Probably Doing It All Wrong!)

How to use Your Glo-Me (Because you’re Probably Doing It All Wrong!)

These 5 pointers are the difference between the skin of your dreams and a Glo-Me #fail

The Glo-Me is every girl’s best friend; a small, portable, one time buy of a microdermabrasion goddess device. 2 minutes every few days will deeply exfoliate the skin helping to keep you looking fresh and young. The unique tool will help skin to steer clear of fine lines and wrinkles, ward off acne and allow a new youthful layer of skin to be revealed. The Glo-Me will make application of makeup seem a breeze but if you use it wrong and skip that manual, you’re happily ever after skin might be out the door. Here’s a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to the Glo-Me, follow these pointers and reap all the skin benefits!

1 – Use only on washed and cleansed skin

If you‘re using your Glo-Me with left over make-up or sun-screen smothered across your face you’re in for a mess. You will simply be rubbing all of that dirt and oil right back into your skin, giving you the total opposite effect of that soft dewy skin you are after. Just picture all that dirt sinking into your face, not a good look is it? Cleanse first please!

2 – Don’t linger!

The Glo-Me should easily glide over skin as it uses its suction power and Diamond tip to exfoliate and clean the skin. A bit like using a hoover, if you linger over the same place, it will just continue sucking up the dirt and might even leave a mark! The Glo-Me is also designed for sensitive skin (make sure you’re using the right head for your skin), there’s only so much the skin can take, holding the device over the same area without moving on is a recipe for a red mark.
Remember, glide don’t linger!

3 – Choose the right Moisturizer

After using the Glo-Me microdermabrasion device, the skin might be a little red (a bit like post workout). The redness should be gone within 1-2 hours, so make sure you aren’t going straight out post-use. If your skin is sensitive, you may want to use an Aloe Vera type gel to calm the skin. To get the most out of a moisturizer, apply after use. This is when your skin is at its peak absorption phase and will guzzle anything you put on it. Make sure to use a neutralizing moisturizer free of any harsh chemicals as these may give you a tingling sensation. Steer clear of anything with physical exfoliants, as these will be too harsh on your fresh layer of skin.

4 –Often of use:  Every Other Day

You can use your Glo-Me every other/few days. Using it every day tends to make the skin too sensitive so make sure to not repeat treatment daily. Consistency is the key to getting the best results. Since the Glo-Me leaves your face cleaner and smoother than ever, it means that your skincare products will absorb better and even work better too! Bonuuuus!

5 – Wear sunscreen post use!

Your new fresh and bright skin needs protecting. Keep that sunscreen firmly ON after using!

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