How to Slow down Aging: Quit These Unhealthy Habits!

How to Slow down Aging: Quit These Unhealthy Habits!

It pretty much goes without saying that eating your weights worth in fries, smoking like a chimney or even slathering on the oil and sizzling in the sun are undoubtedly bad for your health and are sure to speed up the aging process. But there are a few sneaky habits that we tend to overlook that may be damaging your efforts to turn back the clock.

1. Not Getting Enough Shut Eye

It is becoming more and more common in the rat race that we live in today; bed times are getting later especially for super busy women trying to do it all. Shopping, cooking, cleaning, gym-ing, mothering, career-ing, we try to do it all, and it is almost impossible to get a decent night’s sleep in. The problem is, having too-little sleep is proving to be seriously bad for your health. Researchers have linked too-little sleep to weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure and it can even make you look more tired (duh) not to mention older.

What to do?
Sleep should become a priority, it is your right! For most people that’s 7-8 hours a night. To work out how much sleep you need, try not setting your alarm and finding out how much sleep your body naturally needs.

2. Stress

Stress is ugly – no seriously! Stress messes with your hormones, increasing the amounts of cortisol and norepinephrine (that’s a big word) which in turn increases blood pressure and even suppresses the immune system. Long term stress can have even nastier side effects including; delaying healing, effecting memory and even possibly linked to shrinking areas or the brain involved in learning – talk about feeling old!

What to do?
Stress may not ever really go but you can find ways to manage your stress. Deep breathing exercises have proven very helpful. Yoga too, has been shown to have super positive effects on stress levels. In fact any exercise class can be of help. So get moving and don’t forget to take deep breaths.

3. Sipping on Straws and Skipping Sunnies

This one may come as a surprise but essentially, any repetitive movement can cause wrinkles. This means that little habits such as sipping on straws, can actually lead to wrinkles around the mouth (in the same way that smoking has the same effect). Skipping sun glasses is not only seriously bad for eye health and over time eventually cause cataracts (blurred vision and blindness), but the mere act of not wearing glasses causes a hell of a lot of squinting. Constant squinting is a simple recipe for crow’s feet. Don’t forget to pay extra attention to this area with the Silk’n Facetite anti crows-feet device to keep this area supplied with enough collagen during the sunny months.

What to do?
Try to rethink that smoking and sipping on straw habits, pursing your lips is not doing you any favors! Wearing sunglasses is not a hard habit to correct, especially with so many fabulous pairs to choose from!

4. Not Getting Enough…Sex

Yep, we all know sex feels good, but we forget how healthy it actually is. Not only is it a good mini work out, but it puts you in a good mood. The ultimate stress reliever! Research even shows that those with an active sex life have stronger immune systems, a lower risk of cancer, healthier hearts and of course far less stress. I’m sure you’ve heard a friend say that you are ‘glowing’ on a particular day, not likely down to your new moisturizer but actually the awesome sex you had the night before (you know what I’m talking about).

What to do?
Take the time to rekindle the romance with your partner, for the sake of your health of course…

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