How to Remove Cellulite in 4 Easy Steps

How to Remove Cellulite in 4 Easy Steps
It’s that time of the year again where we begin to enter and prepare for the colder months. As the leaves start to change color, Fall’s beauty begins to shine, but with the cold temperatures a few downfalls inevitably follow (and not just leaves). The main concern for those of you worried about cellulite is that the cooler weather can bring about poor circulation. But what does poor circulation have to do with cellulite?

In fact, one of the main causes of cellulite is actually poor circulation. Having poor circulation reduces the delivery of essential nutrients to cellulite prone areas and weakens the all-important connective tissue in the skin. These factors are what cause that ‘orange peel’ dimpled appearance. This is why cellulite can affect any one (though mainly women) of all shapes and sizes. There are some things you can do to increase your circulation and keep that cellulite at bay…read on for more.

How to Keep Cellulite at Bay

Body Brushing

Body brushing may seem like a waste of time but the benefits are huge! By regularly brushing your body, you can effectively increase blood flow to the skin’s surface which will help to encourage healthy skin renewal and allow nutrients to reach even every inch of tissue even at the surface of the skin. If cellulite is a big concern, try dry brushing once a day. Make sure to start gently to allow the skin to get used to the feeling.

Get That Booty Moving

To really improve circulation, forget all those misleading creams, they don’t target the cause of cellulite, IF they work, the most they will do is slightly tighten the skin for a short period of time. What you really need is some cardiovascular exercise to get the blood pumping. Try not to exercise too hard or fast, for maximum cellulite reduction try light cardiovascular exercise where you maintain a steady pace for a reasonable time. Try power walking at a steady rate for example. By doing this you will increase oxygen intake and aid circulation.

You Are What You Eat

Even though your genes play a part on whether or not you have cellulite, your diet is a big factor that could make it worse. Eating a diet rich in fiber, fruits and vegetables as well as drinking plenty of water is a great way to avoid developing those lumps and bumps. Try to eat as ‘clean’ as you can keeping well clear of processed, fatty foods (especially those high in salt!).

Give Your Body a Helping Hand

If you combine all of these tips with targeted cellulite removal treatment you will be sure to not only hugely reduce your cellulite but also be able to keep it off! The Silk’n Lipo cellulite removal device is an FDA approved home treatment (not to mention painless!) device that can be used to manually increase circulation and make cellulite a thing of the past. Used in spas across the globe, the Lipo cellulite treatment device puts you in control of your body.

If cellulite is getting you down or reducing your confidence, there IS something you can do about it! By following these tips not only will you reduce your cellulite but your health and confidence will be given a boost as well. So what are you waiting for?

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