How to Get Rid of Crows-Feet in 5 Easy Steps

How to Get Rid of Crows-Feet in 5 Easy Steps

You might have been led to believe that wrinkles on your face, especially crows-feet are a simple result of aging but this is not the whole truth, in fact, you have a lot more influence on them than you have been led to believe. You can regain smooth and clear skin, the key firstly is in knowing the cause and secondly the treatment. Let’s take a look how….

The Cause

The main cause of wrinkles is due to the skin drying out and losing its moisture. This directly causes the skin cells metabolism to slow down, as skin cells need moisture to function correctly. Pollution, wind and sun exposure all contribute to this drying out effect. If your body’s metabolism is slow, then skin cells are not replaced as often, including the much needed collagen and elastin that help to make the skin strong, and flexible. If this slows down and the skin dries then this is how and when wrinkles form.

The skin around our forehead and particularly our eyes is very thin and is where you’ll notice wrinkles making an appearance first as these areas dry out faster. Other causes include poor diet (especially a diet high in sugar), lack of sleep, smoking and drinking to name a few!

Now we know the causes let’s see what we can actually do about it…..

5 Steps to reducing crows-feet:

1) Diet Overhaul

First of all take a good look at your diet. The number one tip would be to completely eliminate sugar particularly refined sugar. It is a collagen destroyer at its best.

Try as much as possible to eat natural and organic foods, fruits and veg, and foods high in antioxidants as well as lots of protein. Your body needs protein to build collagen and elastin so if you are a vegetarian make sure you are supplementing!

2) Protect, Protect, Protect!

Make sure to protect your skin not only from the sun’s harmful rays but also from pollution. Forget age, these are the top causes of wrinkles as they lead to the skin severely dry out. Make sure you apply an antioxidant serum every morning to protect from pollution particulates and slather on the SPF all year round (yes, all year)!

3) Exfoliate and Moisturize

Make sure to remove dead skin cells from your face 2-3 times a week. This will cleanse your skin of all the pollution and dirt that has accumulated on your skin and will simultaneously stimulate skin cell rejuvenation. You should also invest in a handy microdermabrasion device to really clean your pores. The Glo-me microdermabrasion device will make your skin seriously smooth and remove all that dead skin cell build up 10 times better than an exfoliating wash. You can actually see the dead skin inside the skin collection area on the device once you have finished. This may seem a little gross but at least you see that it’s working its magic. Follow up with a moisturizer but make sure it suits your skin type and is free from pore clogging parabens, petroleum and phthalates.

4) Vitamin C

In order to build collagen your skin desperately needs vitamin C to maintain its structure. Try to incorporate vitamin C into your diet (think citrus fruits, leafy greens, tomatoes) or even better, apply a topical vitamin C that has not only been shown to reduce fine lines but also protects against the sun’s UVB rays that harm your skin.

5) Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency (RF) waves can be used to heat the skin and encourage it to produce more collagen. The Silk’n Facetite skin tightening device uses RF technology to promote cell turn over and increase the production of collagen in the dermis layer of your skin. In other words, this means tighter and smoother skin. The great thing about RF wrinkle reduction treatments is that they continue to work long term. If you follow the recommended usage you can be seeing results continue for months later with only top ups needed every so often (as necessary). Why not get your own home use wrinkle reduction kit here and bring the spa to you.

And there we have it! Now that you are a little more educated on wrinkles you can start going through each step and regain that youthful skin and confidence.

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