Have you heard of Facial Skin Oxygenation?

Have you heard of Facial Skin Oxygenation?

What is and the benefits of skin oxygenation treatment

When you hear for the first time about Skin Facial Oxygenation, well, you can’t Facetite and not wonder what this is about. Some might think it’s a very invasive treatment, as the word oxygenation might induce one to think this is a medical issue. Not at all!! NowMi has come with this new skincare method or technology, by using sonic treatment to take care of your facials and getting that collagen production on track. So here we got you some main points on what is facial skin oxygenation.

1. First and foremost, what is facial oxygenation?

Well, it is a treatment involving a device, here a brush, using a stream of pressurized oxygen and spraying atomized moisturizers straight onto the skin, which in turn promotes collagen production.

Facial oxygenation is a non-invasive treatment, which cleans and exfoliates your skin before spraying it and then hydrates the skin immediately. It improves skin quality, making it smoother and healthier.

2. So what does the oxygen do to the skin?

Since cells are the fundamental molecules of life, and so it’s a living thing, it does require oxygen to live. Skin cells are no different, therefore the oxygenation enables breathing and blood flow, maintaining those cells health and alive.

3. And as a treatment, how long does an oxygen facial last?

Usually, it lasts for about a week. With continuous treatment, the effects will progress and will show more and more, since they are cumulative. A full treatment in this method should take about six weeks, but only if you keep it one treatment on a weekly basis. Remember that each skin type might show a different result, and each person might react differently to the treatment.

4. Ok, then what are the benefits of an oxygen facial?

5. And if I go for it, how often should I get an oxygen facial treatment?

Again, the recommended turnaround treatment for best results is once a week, and about six weeks overall, as mentioned above. After that, you might do some touchups when needed.


So, here you got some pretty good info on facial oxygenation method. Now, be sure to check the NowMi device, it has facial sonic cleansing function, has capsules of vitamin C in its treatment, and all that combined you get the most cutting edge product in the market today.

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