Get ‘Bikini Ready’ This Summer with Silk’n Lipo

Get ‘Bikini Ready’ This Summer with Silk'n Lipo

What is ‘bikini ready’? It’s hard to ever truly feel ‘bikini ready’ with the media constantly bombarding us with beautiful women and men left right and center. Here at stop2pose we believe that being ‘bikini ready’ simply means that you feel confident in your own skin when slipping into a swimsuit. If feeling confident means hitting the gym and eating healthy before your summer break then that’s great! If it means shutting your eyes and mentally telling yourself that you are beautiful, then even better.

What makes you look good in a bikini? Confidence!

If you need a helping hand to get rid of that extra jiggly bit, or maybe you are a little self-conscious of the cellulite that’s crept its way up your thighs, we have just the solution for you! The Silk’n Lipo is a clinically proven device taken straight out the spa to reduce visible cellulite and reduce stubborn fat deposits not to mention confidence! The Silk’n Lipo is a skin tightening device that smoothens lumps and bumps putting you in charge of your own body shape.

How Does It Work?

Using professional RF (Radio Frequency) Technology (already used in thousands of clinics worldwide) the Lipo works by heating the dermis layer of the skin. The RF heat causes collagen fibers in the skin to contract and pull tighter giving immediate results. The Lipo actually increases the amount of collagen produced in the skin by increasing fibroblast metabolism, these are responsible for collagen synthesis. After completing all sessions over 6 to 8 weeks the improvement will become more and more visible giving long term results.

What Results Can I Expect?

After Results are both immediate and long lasting, though the more the Lipo is used (in accordance with the instruction manual) the better the results become.

One can expect:

-skin that is smoother and tighter to the touch
-circumference reduction in stubborn fat areas (tummy, love handles, bingo arms, sadly bags)
-noticeable difference in cellulite reduction, lumps and bumps on skin smoothen out.

Silk'n Lipo skin tightning device

However you decide to feel ‘bikini ready’ is up to you. If feeling ‘bikini ready’ to you means you need a little helping hand from the trusty Silk’n technology…we won’t tell if you don’t. Now go get em!

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