Dry Brushing – The Cheap Beauty Secret You Should Have Started Yesterday!

Dry Brushing – The Cheap Beauty Secret You Should Have Started Yesterday!

We are all familiar with brushing our hair and teeth (I hope!) but who has heard of body brushing? The thought seems a little odd, why would you need to brush your skin? Dry body brushing is a beauty secret that has recently resurfaced from the ancient world. The Cherokee Indians would dry brush their skin with corncobs and the Ancient Greeks would do the same but with metal spatulas. The question remains, why?

One third of the bodies toxins are excreted through the surface of your skin. Dry brushing helps to rid the body of the toxins trapped in the skin by simply unclogging the pores. It can help to reduce cellulite, boost circulation and cleanse the body all in one big sweeping motion. The inexpensive technique is quick to do and feels oh so good!

Want to know what dry brushing can do for you? Read on…

Benefits of Dry Brushing


Increased lymph and blood circulation – this is the key reason that dry brushing keeps your skin in tip-top shape. By using sweeping motions with the brush towards your heart, it will bring fresh blood and lymph to that area. Many lymphatic vessels run just under the skin and are stimulated by your sweeping motions, which in turn, help the body to eliminate waste and toxins quicker. Think of it as a skin detoxifier working with the body to eliminate toxins.

Exfoliation – This benefit is evident right after the first time you dry brush. Running a bristled brush over the skin will naturally loosen and remove any dead skin cells, effectively clearing clogged pores and improving its appearance. Make sure you dry brush before showering so that you can wash off any dead skin cells (yummy!) leaving you with lush, soft skin behind.
-It is not recommended to dry brush the face, a more delicate brush is needed for that!

Reduce Cellulite –  Evidence of dry brushing helping with cellulite is largely anecdotal. Many people claim that dry brushing has indeed helped to reduce cellulite on their bodies. It makes sense, as skin brushing helps to soften the fat deposits below the skin and in evening out the skin tone, thus diminishing the appearance of cellulite. However there is not much research to back up the claims on a long term basis (results are most likely due to a plumping effect on the skin as a result of brushing).

If you are looking for alternative treatments to cellulite reduction particularly for the long run, there are plenty of options that won’t cost an arm and a leg, including the use of anti-cellulite radio frequency treatments. These will increase the production of collagen and lock the skin in a new tighter form. This is one method of enhancing an already functioning bodily function to tighten and smoothen the skin. There is of course no harm in dry brushing simultaneously, after all it feels great and softens the skin – no downside in trying!

With all the great benefits to dry brushing it’s a wonder why more people aren’t raving about it! Why not give it a go?

Happy brushing!

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