Could This Eye Makeup Product Be Giving You Wrinkles?

Could This Eye Makeup Product Be Giving You Wrinkles?

There’s nothing like the feeling of achieving the perfect cat eye – symmetrical and all! A pull of the skin here and touch up there is all that is needed to make those eyes pop. Makeup after all, is there to make us both look and ooze gorgeousness. We all know that makeup is a temporary beauty method but as we sign our signature cat-eyes across our eyelids, we may be unintentionally signing up for a whole range of issues around the eye area, including those dreaded lines and wrinkles (who knew?!).

According to dermatologist Kim Nichols, MD “Applying eyeliner can cause wrinkles over time—just as any repeated movement does”. Many of us acknowledge that “wrinkles merely indicate where smiles have been” but “eye wrinkles merely indicate where eyes have been repeatedly tugged and pulled whilst perfecting the flawlessly symmetrical cat eye” isn’t quite as well known. Tugging the same area day after day is bound to take its toll on the delicate eyeskin, leading to premature wrinkling. It’s quite logical when you think about it but, connecting the dots is something we have been ignoring, all for the sake of the eyeliner, the here and the now.

But why not get the best of both worlds? Who says that we can’t continue parading our cat-eyes whilst minimizing wrinkles at the same time? The first step to prevention is knowledge; we now acknowledge that applying eye-liner can exacerbate wrinkles – check. Now what?

If we would like to continue applying eyeliner we need to be a little more careful around the delicate eye area. We would suggest using eyeliners with slanted tips so that you don’t have to pull so much to get the desired look. Avoid eyeliners that are difficult to apply; one clean swish with liquid eyeliner is far superior to a faint pencil that needs going over and over

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