Benefits of Non-Surgical Body Contouring vs Surgery

Benefits of Non-Surgical Body Contouring vs Surgery

The number of consumers who are considering a cosmetic procedure has nearly doubled since 2013. But with so many non-invasive cosmetic devices hitting the market there are now other options to consider. If there’s a certain part of your body that you are unhappy with be it due to stubborn fat or even cellulite you very well may benefit from a body contouring treatment. Even those who lead healthy lifestyles through diet and exercise can still have a difficult time budging fatty areas or may have loose skin from losing weight. Unlike surgical options such as body-lifts and liposuction, Silk’n devices, developed by Home Skinovations are a safe, non-invasive and a painless method of body contouring.

From Flab to Fab with silkn

Although body contouring machines do less for fat removal in comparison to surgical options, it is often less that people are looking for. “It’s not major surgery like a tummy tuck, or even liposuction, and that’s a serious advantage for a lot of people,” according to Robert Anolik, New York dermatologist from the Laser and Skin Surgery Center.
So what are the benefits of non-surgical body contouring treatments as opposed to surgery?

Painless and Complication Free

This is one of the major benefits to non-invasive body reshaping treatments. You can effectively target stubborn fat areas and contour the body without the need for painful surgery. Unbeknown to most, liposuction is classed as cosmetic surgery and can be a fairly painful procedure, greatly increasing the risk for complications. Using Silk’n has been compared to that of a warm massage with little discomfort and no pain.


We all know of the heavy price tag attached to cosmetic surgery procedures. The next cheapest alternative would be popping into a clinic for treatment sessions which although cheaper than surgical procedures is still expensive in its own right with full treatments costing $2,000 and up (prices can vary greatly). If you want to get the most for your buck and go one step further, you can now literally zap your own fat away with your very own fat reduction, body contouring home device. silkn’s Lipo body contouring device costs a small $449 (including Expedited shipping) in comparison. By possessing your own private machine, you can treat yourself whenever is most convenient and as often or as little as you like. No need to pay for top up treatments or waste time in the spa. This is the perfect option for those busy people on the go, looking to save both money and time.

No Down Time

Silk’n Lipo uses radio frequency waves to target unwanted fat and cellulite to contour and smoothe the skin without penetrating or breaking it. The Lipo is ideal for honing in on your physique. Many happy customers report on inch loss and cellulite removal. The treatment may cause a small amount of reddening to the treated area but this fades fairly quickly. You can effectively treat yourself on the same day as an event, and no one would even know (shh, we won’t tell).

Things to Consider:

– Cosmetic surgery is not for everyone and neither are non-invasive devices.
– Do your research!
– Non-surgical body contouring devices like the Silk’n Lipo is not a tool for weight loss. If you are someone with a large amount of weight to shift we recommend that it is best to lose the excess before treatment. The Silk’n Lipo can then be used to tighten any loose skin that may have formed as a result of weight loss as well as contour and tighten the body by targeting those troublesome spots.

If you are not sure if Silk’n is right for you as an individual, feel free to get in touch and voice your concerns or questions:

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