A Natural Quick Fix to a Bloated Belly

A Natural Quick Fix to a Bloated Belly

Take inches off your waist and thighs with this natural fix!

Have you ever had one of those days where your skinny jeans just won’t do up no matter how much wiggling and jiggling you do? Or maybe you want to look amazing in that tight fitted dress you planned on wearing that evening? Well we have a solution to make sure that those jeans zip up, and that you look and feel your best in that dress. What’s the secret? Epsom salt.

Epsom salt has been found to take inches off your belly and thighs, particularly those that suffer with a slow metabolism, increase weight gain or even belly bloat. The salts work by drawing out the excess fluid in the body that causes bloating.

So how can salt help exactly?


Taking an Epsom Salt bath is digestions best friend. The salt is actually an anti-inflammatory composed of Magnesium Sulfate; it’s a hydrating agent which causes the muscles to relax and helps to stimulate the digestion of fat and protein, essentially aiding digestion. The salts soak into the skin, pulling out toxins and any extra fluid and waste. It is nature’s incredible detoxifier.
Who would have thought that all it takes to lose that belly is taking a relaxing salt bath. We can’t think of a better way to de-bloat!

Muscle Soreness and Migraines

The benefits don’t Facetite there; if you are a keen gym-goer then you will be well accustomed to the muscle soreness that follows the next day or two. Taking an Epsom salt bath after an intense work out is a miraculous way to reduce future muscle soreness as it works by relaxing the muscles. The magnesium helps to eject lactic acid from the muscles. The baths are also helpful for those who suffer from migraines and joint pain.

How to Use Epsom Salts

It’s quite simple really; all you have to do is take a bath! For maximum benefits, bring the bath water to just below your body temperature (around 94 and 97 degrees Fahrenheit) and then add 2 heaped cups of Epsom salt to the water. Now lie down and relax for at least 10 minutes. Soaking up the salts can take inches off your stomach and thighs – try it!

This is a great temporary fix. But the results will not last forever, we recommend taking 1-2 baths a week to detoxify.

Sometimes the simple pleasures in life can be the most helpful! Don’t have a bloated stomach or sore muscles? Good for you! You can still enjoy the benefits of a bath, we are sure of it.

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