7 Must Have Pieces for Fall

7 Must Have Pieces for Fall

Fashion Roundup For Fall!


Being a beauty and skin-care blog we don’t often talk about what we actually put on top of our bodies. But why not? Clothes serve to cover and protect our bodies and our skin, not to mention they can be quite beautiful. So this week we wanted to discuss the essential, trendy and beautiful items to have in our closets this Fall 2017.


Before we dive into our list of Must Haves for Fall we can’t forget about that body of ours and the skin the cloths will go on. Fashion is all about expressing ourselves and feeling good about the way we look. But that, not only comes from wearing beautiful things (which sure doesn’t hurt) but also from feeling good about ourselves.


We can achieve this by keeping in shape both through exercise and by keeping the skin on our body, especially the more problematic areas such as the belly and the bum – smooth, firm and bump free. In order for the cloths to sit right and look good we want to make sure that our bodies are shapely and firm. Skin tightening devices such as Silk’n Lipo, are great at achieving the silky smooth and robust look that exercise alone can not produce.


Now, for the fashion – we scoured every fashion outlet we could find to give you the most important items for this season:

  1. The Blazer – Tailoring is back and the blazer is having a major moment right now! In this iteration the jacket takes on more of an 80’s mixed in with some minimalist 90’s look, a bit oversized, sleek and modern is the ideal. While a blazer in any color is great, the plaid version is most on trend right now
  2. Velvet Everything – Jackets and skirts are most popular options for velvet, but you if you can name it, it’s better in velvet this fall. From the catwalks to the streets, we saw it everywhere. This material is not only rich and elegant it also happens to be warmer than many, so enjoy some extra warmth during the cold season.
  3. The Slogan T-shirt – This trend is continuing from the summer and it seems to be here to stay. Do you have something to say? Put it on your tee and make a statement without saying a word.
  4. The Platform Sneakers – Another carryover from previous seasons but of course it has been updated for Fall 2017. Take your regular white kicks (ohh soo trendy last fall) now add a platform and possibly some color and you are ready to go!
  5. The Pleated Skirt – This item is very versatile and can be dressed up or down. Update the look from seasons prior by opting for the metallic version,. you can also choose it in velvet, going back to our precious must have. Super points for a velvet, metallic pleated skirt – Jackpot!
  6. Wide Leg Pants – skinny pants are taking a little break at the moment. A more roomy 70’s era option is experiencing a resurgence. Now we aren’t talking bell bottoms, but starting from the top and getting wider as they go down:  pants, trousers, culottes even jeans. The shorter versions of these are particularly popular, especially when paired with….our next pick.
  7. The Ankle Boot – Seeing them everywhere in every shape and color! Bonus points for embroidery and/or flower design on a sock boot. Last fall it was the not-for-everyone thigh high boots. This season is much more reasonable and wearable while no less chic!

As we discuss all the beautiful clothes, lets not forget to take care of ourselves and our bodies. Enjoy your body and the clothes your body is in this Fall.


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