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Thanksgiving Is Good For You

21 November 2017
Thanksgiving Is Good For You


Thanksgiving Meal Deconstructed and ‘De’mythed


Thanksgiving and especially the Thanksgiving meal have gotten a really bad rep for being the most indulgent, sleep-inducing, waist expanding, and dehydrating times and meals of the year when the reality is far from the perception. Not only is Thanksgiving family togetherness good for the soul no matter how much we all like to complain about it, but the Thanksgiving meal is probably one of the most varied, healthy and nutritious meals we eat all year. It is a great source of vitamins and minerals essential for our body, hair, and skin!


Let’s break down the traditional Thanksgiving meal and see the truth behind the myth that it is:




Now that we got that out of the way you can happily sit down to your delicious Thanksgiving dinner and go for that second or third helping, after all, all you are doing is nourishing your body, skin, and hair!

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    Expert Opinion

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