Best Makeup Tips For Looking Young

Best Makeup Tips For Looking Young

Anti-aging Secrets Might Be Hiding In Your Makeup Bag


Ohh to look young forever…. We work very hard at it, from the food we eat, to how much rest we get and exercise that we do, it all matters. Then there is how we handle stress because we all know it will show up on our face in the form of fine lines or worse, wrinkles, meditation is key. Not to mention the UV rays and cigarette smoke that are to be avoided at all costs. But, of course, the most important is our skin-care routine that starts and ends our day. We have discussed it often in this blog, changing it up as seasons and products change, most recently we talked about autumn skin care here.


What we haven’t touched on recently is the importance and benefit of makeup to creating a youthful look. Anti-aging tricks are not confined to just the skin routine, after all, makeup not only covers imperfections it can also contain ingredients that help eliminate them. Here is the breakdown of the best tricks for creating a beautiful and youthful appearance.


Even out the skin:


Start off with anti-aging RF energy session with Silk’n Facetite, to firm up and even out the skin. ALWAYS remember to hydrate with moisturizer, and now your skin is ready for foundation. All the products going on to your skin should be liquid, powders can be cakey and they end up highlighting instead of concealing problem areas. Try a foundation with retinol in it, retinol is a form of Vitamin A and is said to increase collagen production. You can also try a foundation with peptides in it, it improves antioxidant activity, thereby helping the skin rid itself of all the toxins that are produced in our daily life.


Highlight bone structure and cheeks :


After the foundation warm up the skin with bronzer which will enhance skin’s shimmering youthful glow, softening the appearance of lines.


Add highlighter to the cheeks, this will illuminate them and bring attention to the eyes, 2 benefits in one, who doesn’t like that!


Magnify the eyes:


Eye lashes flatten out with time so start using that curler ASAP for a more youthful look. If you add a lengthening mascara you are set! If using eyeliner, only do the upper lashes. Putting liner underneath your eyes can highlight dark circles and make your eyes appear smaller. Try brown instead of black lines, it will create a softer look instead of the jarring black.


Use a base before applying eye shadow to hide the finest of lines and wrinkles in the eye area. This way the eyeshadow will not crease. Using warm metallic eye-shadows will light up the whole face.


Thicken the brows:


Hair thins out with age, this includes the eyebrows. So give your tweezers a rest and fill in your brows with powder. Choose a shade somewhere between the color of your skin and the color of your brows.


Perk up the lips:


Bight, rich lipstick color adds an anti-aging effect to your appearance. The deep lipstick, especially with pink undertones makes skin look fresher and rounds out and highlights the lips.


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