Be prepared for what’s coming with our Cold Weather Skin Care Routine – Say No To Signs Of Aging!

Be prepared for what’s coming with our Cold Weather Skin Care Routine - Say No To Signs Of Aging!

That uncomfortable in your own skin feeling is on its way back! Itchy, ashy, rough, tight, flaky, and cracked are just some of the adjectives that we use to describe our skin in cold weather. Now that we are in the first week of autumn it’s time to talk about protecting our skin from drying out.

Cold weather is typically much less humid and much more windy so it tends to cause more irritation, such as dehydration of the skin. On top of this, heating systems amplify the issue because they dry out air even further, as well as trigger allergic reactions.

Now you may ask: “Ok dry, irritated skin is unpleasant but so what? Sun will shine again, warm weather will return and my skin will get moisturized on its own!” If it was only this easy. While summer will indeed return, the damage caused to the skin will remain, such as wrinkles and fine lines caused by lack of moisture. Who needs these signs of aging?!

So let’s go over the new skin care routine that you need to implement over the next month or so, as the weather turns cooler and cooler.

  1. Steam your face as needed over a bowl of boiling hot water. This will soften dry patches giving you relief and allowing for an easier time cleaning it after.
  2. Prime your skin – clean it thoroughly, exfoliate as needed. Choose an exfoliant that’s right for your skin so as to not irritate yourself even further, a gentle one will do in order to get rid of dead skin cells and get a fresh face to allow for deeper penetration of moisturizer.
  3. Once primed, use an oil based moisturizer, this type of thick moisturizer will last longer and will properly protect the skin from the harsh environment.
  4. If not doing so already learn to take quick showers in lukewarm to warm water. Washing this way allows your skin to retain whatever oils and minerals it is still has.
  5. Use soap only on areas that really need it. Soap tends to strip away dirt and everything else in its path, so minimize its use in the winter, you don’t need it as much anyway since we sweat less and are pretty covered up in the winter.
  6. Eat healthy fats, that’s right food is a part of your cold weather skin care. Essential fatty acids help the skin produce skin’s moisture retaining barrier.
  7. Last but not least is use a humidifier. A pretty simple but ingenious trick. Change the air you are in entirely by utilizing a humidifier and give your skin a break from the dry air.

If you follow this guide you should be set for the cold months and will come out of winter hibernation with beautiful, glowing skin without any signs of aging. But just in case – don’t forget to cover up!


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