5 Rules to Anti-Aging to Get You Summer Ready

5 Rules to Anti-Aging to Get You Summer Ready

When and what foods you are eating can sometimes be even more effective than the most expensive of face creams.

June is the time for gorgeous sunny lunch breaks and long evenings of light, maybe if you’re lucky they are spent strolling along the beach. Feeling and looking good can be difficult in the fast paced world we live in, though eating healthy foods and exercising are important factors for your body and well being, there are certain tricks you can do to halt the ageing process far better than the latest serum.
By eating and exercising in the right way and at the right times, you can get your body back in sync, and transform your energy levels.

1. Exercise Before Eating

Nutritionist Fleur Borrelli explains that the exercise doesn’t have to be intense, simply running upstairs, powerwalking around the block or doing some star jumps is sufficient. Just make sure to get in some movement before you eat. Hunger is a signal to move and then eat. By moving when hungry just before that food passes your lips, you will be burning fat for energy. Our ancestors saw hunger as a signal to search for food or water (i.e. move and then refuel). Nowadays we grab food not due to hunger, but in case we truly become hungry, this can mess with the signaling system in the body causing weight gain and inflammation – not something we want!

2. Rethink Your Staple Foods

Cruciferous green veggies are perfect for detoxifying. Other than corn and potatoes, all veggies are great (though keep sweet potatoes in moderation). On another note, you should be avoiding sugar like the plague, it causes havoc and inflammation on the skin, an aging food like no other!

3. Eat Anti-Aging Foods

Foods with anti-aging properties include: oily fish, avocado, almonds and colorful fruits and vegetables. The more colorful the better! Bright colors indicate that it’s rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Bright red berries and deep greens such as kale will keep your skin looking young and fresh – just what the doctor ordered.
Tip: Why not try mixing up a berry and kale smoothie for an extra anti-aging boost in the morning?

4. Water, Water and More Water

Staying properly hydrated is essential for keeping the skin soft and plump and keeping fine lines at bay. Make sure you’re getting at least 2 liters of water a day (that’s excluding tea and coffee!). If you really want to look younger, cut out the alcohol as much as possible and you’ll be seeing improvements within a week.

5. Vitamins Away

If you aren’t privileged to be living in a sunny country, make sure you are getting enough Vitamin D3, also known as, the sunshine vitamin. If you haven’t seen the sun for a while, make sure to be taking a daily dose to give your body the vitamins it’s lacking.

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