5 Point Guide To Reversing Signs Of Stress & Tiredness

5 Point Guide To Reversing Signs Of Stress & Tiredness

Stressed, underslept, overtired? 5 Point Guide to getting rid of dull skin & dark eye circles

Ever notice what happens to your face when you are stressed, underslept and/or overworked? The skin becomes dull, irritated, and break-out prone and an even more obvious change is what happens to the eyes, they lose their sparkle and those pesky and super hard to get rid of bags form under them.

With age these symptoms of tiredness become even more pronounced, the skin not only loses its luster but also starts showing signs of aging, and those under eye bags become bigger and darker.

Now, let’s face it, as we grow up from young adulthood to actual adulthood things like being stressed, not getting enough sleep, and being overworked are not one off’s, they are more like the norm, so it’s very likely that our appearance is affected by them constantly. So what we need is not a one time fix, but a consistent regimen to get our body and mind back on track.

Amazingly enough there are things that can be done to reverse these unpleasant developments, they will require effort and discipline, but it will all be worth it when we not only look refreshed (maybe for the first time in a long time) and younger, but also feel refreshed and are better able to seize the day!

This is our foolproof, 5 point guide to feeling and looking young again:

1 Change your bedtime and bedtime routine.

This might sound silly and even laughable but setting an earlier bedtime can make all the difference in actually getting enough sleep. Make sure you are giving yourself an 8-hour block of time for sleep. You might be saying: “Well I am not staying up for fun, I have things to do!”. That is true, but try it out, you might be surprised to find that with enough sleep you end up being more productive during the day and no longer need to stay up to get things done.

As far as the bedtime routine, get rid of everything that might be keeping you up – yes we are talking about your phone here (or other addictive electronics). You have plenty of distractions in your head (to-do list for tomorrow anyone?) you don’t need any more around. You will find that you will have an easier and faster time falling asleep in a comfortable bed, with just darkness to keep you company… Ok, maybe your partner too :).

  1. Drink More Water

This has been said many times before, which only amplifies its importance: water is key! It is essential for increasing metabolism and cleaning out our system. If you drink enough water which is about 2 liters per day, look up how much you should be drinking here, the effect on your appearance will be noticeable: the under-eye circles will shrink and get lighter, skin will improve and even pores could get smaller.

  1. Changes in Diet

Get rid of refined sugar as much as possible and replace with more veggies! Sugar promotes the aging process by creating an environment where collagen breaks down making our skin look way worse than it should. Also try to eat foods that give you long lasting energy without infringing on your health and beauty, for example, sugar will give you a burst of energy but it will be short-lived and will have adverse effects on pretty much everything else. Foods to eat for anti-aging results- oily fish, foods high in iron (ex: turkey, kale), eggs, goji berries, and more.

  1. Get a day planner

It sounds oversimplified but it’s not. We all stress out from the seemingly unending to-do tasks that are swirling around in our heads. That stress, while bad on it’s own, also leads to restlessness, inability to relax, and failure to fall and stay asleep, compounding the issue mentally and physically. So pick your preferred method of organization be it an app, or a physical organizer or calendar and then write down EVERYTHING that needs to be done, be it small or big. Having it laid down in front of you will make it easier to prioritize and organize by date/time as well. This way you can tackle your day from the get-go and know exactly, well almost, what lies ahead. And nothing beats the satisfaction of ticking-off completed tasks!

  1. Go for it – anti-aging tricks

All of the above points help to get to the root of the problem. And with a little bit of time, you will see the results of your hard work. But giving yourself a boost never hurt anyone!

Start using an anti-aging device like Silk’n Facetite, and you will see marked results even faster! Silk’n Facetite emits RF energy deep within the layers of your skin causing it to produce more collagen and improves blood flow. The effect is not only reduction in fine lines and wrinkles but an overall smooth and firm skin with a healthy luster!

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