3 Bizarre Beauty Secrets That Will Have You Squirming

3 Bizarre Beauty Secrets That Will Have You Squirming

Women have endured some peculiar things in the name of beauty. As time goes on one would think that techniques would progressively become somewhat more ‘modernized’ however lately, quite the opposite has been stirring as we have begun digging up the past for some top tips from our great ancestors. The more bizarre the technique the better it would seem!

Here are some of the rising beauty trends sweeping the 21st century, if you can beat the “eww” factor and steal back your youth, would you give any of them a go?

Urine Therapy

Would you be willing to relieve your skin of spots by cleansing or even by sipping on your own urine? Lately the practice of Urine Therapy (also known as Uro-therapy) has been on the rise, with claims of providing smoother skin, clearing up spot outbreaks, as well as benefits to the hair and scalp. When applied with a damp cloth to the skin it has also been reported to clear up skin conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis. This ancient technique used by Egyptians, Chinese and Indians alike is slowly being recycled…just like your urine, go recycling right?


Also known as saturated pigs fat and commonly used in cooking, lard isn’t usually what comes to mind when looking for the perfect moisturizer. Smearing ones face in pigs’ fat doesn’t sound too appealing; however, it has some surprising benefits for dry skin as well as wrinkle reduction, that is, if you can deal with the slightly unpleasant smell. Lard is creamy to the touch and easy to apply, not to mention extremely cheap. Many report a much smoother feel and appearance to the skin, together with a significant reduction in the number of break-outs. So is lard nature’s best kept secret? If expensive treatments are out of the question then at least you know there’s a substitute waiting for you in the pantry!

Bird Poop Facial

The use of Nightingale feces also known as Uguisu or the “Geisha Facial” was once an ancient secret only known by traditional Japanese Kabuki actors and Geisha. The facial claims to use its purely natural ingredient of Nightingale droppings to brighten and soften ones complexion, as it cleanses ones pores extremely well especially in comparison to chemical alternatives. Perhaps this one was best kept secret; not sure looking at Geishas will ever be the same again!

So if you’re sat at home with your skin craving some love and attention. You could pop to the bathroom, pantry or even the garden and be satisfied in knowing that there are some cheaper and a variety of natural alternatives out there.

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