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stop2pose tripollar rating 4.8/5

"Happy with this device :)" *

stop2pose tripollar rating 5/5

In just a few short weeks I started noticing a stark difference to my skins complexion, something I did not expect. Naturally I was nervous to try it and slightly reluctant to pay for the device but I then realized that $415 is pretty much the cost of 2 facial treatments in a regular spa –less even and better is that fact that I can use the device at home. Being a full time mom and working throughout the day there simply isn’t the time for spas all the time! Another plus especially for a technophobe like me, is its ease of use (move in small area then the light will turn orange…time to move on). So overall I’m pretty happy with this device :) . (Mia Portland, OR)


"I havent yet found anything that works quite as well as the stop device" *

stop2pose tripollar rating 4.7/5

I have tried many ways to keep my youthful appearance and reduce my wrinkles, im 35 and not loving this getting older business. I have covered myself in every anti-aging cream under the sun, tried all sorts of natural remedies and procedures and soon became pretty frustrated. I havent yet found anything that works quite as well as the stop device. I use it when I have the house to myself, for short sessions of 20 -30 minutes and now after just a week Im starting to notice a difference. So far so good! Not only is the product house safe and easy to use and of course WORKING but to top it off the customer service experience was amazing as they dealt with my million and one questions. Girls gotta know the facts first! (Joan S. Rockford)


"Stop has really made a difference to my skin" *

stop2pose tripollar rating 4.7/5

Although I'm only 28 I have slight paranoia when it comes to my face aging. I've been using the stop unit for about 10 to 15 minutes at a time, two times a week. Stop has really made a difference to my skin. The change wasn't instantaneous, but over the 8 week recommended period of use, I started to notice my under eye bags had reduced. I decided to take pictures after each treatment and I'm so glad I did…That way I could track my progress, though the softness is obviously something you can feel. My skin feels a little thicker and so much smoother and like I said around the eyes is looking so much better. I'm thinking of trying the pose now so I can use it on my body too. (Natalie, Brookline NYC)


"Very pleased with the progress so far" *

stop2pose tripollar rating 4.5/5

Here in South Korea the cosmetics industry is huge. At 44 I’ve noticed more and more of my friends have been having procedures some even surgery, it’s worryingly becoming more and more normal. I’m quite against going under the knife and certainly not willing to pay the heavy price of not only the cost but possible mistakes! The stop device is not only non invasive but also comes at an affordable price for what it delivers! After 2 weeks of treatment I can feel the skin on my face is so much tighter and the lines around my eyes are not as deep as they were. I am very pleased with the progress so far. (Su, South Korea)


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