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tripollar stop customer review

tripollar stop customer review



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"Great results !" *

stop2pose tripollar rating 4.5/5

I am pleased to give the following testimonial .... I have been very pleased with both my Stop and Pose devices and I have had great results from their use. I can definite recommend them to any one looking for non-invasive treatment for the skin issues. On two separate occasions I have needed technical support and I couldn't be more pleased with the time and patience I received in resolving my problems. I can confidently recommend these products and the companies support based on my experiences with both.
(Nancy McConnell, Texas, USA)


"Great customer services" *

stop2pose tripollar rating 4.5/5

Great customer services. Always reply to the questions within 24 hours. Order was shipped to canada in less than one week. Bought the Stop device first, it worked great, removed most of the fine lines around the eyes. Recommended it to my friend and now I am going to try the Pose device for the body. Can't wait to see the result!
(Serena Liang, Ontario, Canada)


"The effects were cumulative but gradual" *

stop2pose tripollar rating 4.2/5

I certainly owe this company a review because the product worked wonders and the makers of this product took the time to respond generously to my inquiries. I had several treatments from a cosmetician a few years ago in 2010 with the same technology using pollegen and they charged around $125 per treatment. I was very excited when I found out that there was now a use at home device available on the market for only few hundred dollars, after 4 self-treatments I’d already made my money back. I am a 59 year old Nurse and have been using the Tripollar stop on my face and hand. Using it on one hand only allowed me to see the vast difference it made. I found the effects were cumulative but gradual and religious use every few days did the job. Leaving a few days between treatments allows for the collagen to rebuild itself up and is most effective I find. (Alice, Baltimore MD)


"Worked very well for me" *

stop2pose tripollar rating 4.2/5

I am 36 and many years spent in the sun I think has aged my face faster. Using the stop I think it worked very well for me to restore volume and to tighten my face. I thought it was very good for minimizing the horizontal lines on my forehead. It also helped to boost the skin under one of my eyelids and lift it slightly making them more even. I think I got such great result because I only used 3 times a week in the first 2 weeks and then 2 times a week after that. I always waiting 3-4 days between to give my skin the chance to re-boost the collagen between and give it chance to rebuild. I got this advice from the beauty online customer service lady Tania and was able to communicate in Portuguese which although I have good English thought was a very nice touch. (Juliana Brazil)

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