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stop2pose tripollar rating 4.8/5

"Great results !" *

stop2pose tripollar rating 4.5/5

I am pleased to give the following testimonial .... I have been very pleased with both my Stop and Pose devices and I have had great results from their use. I can definite recommend them to any one looking for non-invasive treatment for the skin issues. On two separate occasions I have needed technical support and I couldn't be more pleased with the time and patience I received in resolving my problems. I can confidently recommend these products and the companies support based on my experiences with both.
(Nancy McConnell, Texas, USA)


"Great customer services" *

stop2pose tripollar rating 4.5/5

Great customer services. Always reply to the questions within 24 hours. Order was shipped to canada in less than one week. Bought the Stop device first, it worked great, removed most of the fine lines around the eyes. Recommended it to my friend and now I am going to try the Pose device for the body. Can't wait to see the result!
(Serena Liang, Ontario, Canada)


"the glo me removes all the dirt so the moisturizer can really sink in" *

stop2pose tripollar rating 4.5/5

I found the glo me pretty simple to use and I’ve managed to sneak in a 5 minute session every 2 days into my skin care routine.
One thing I like about it is how small it is, it’s easy to pop in my bag (I often go away on business so this works great for me).
It feels kind of tingly and a little warm, though not unpleasant and after a couple of weeks using it, my forehead has cleared right up
(I’ve been having some issues with breakouts even though I’m 27!). My moisturizer has made my skin even softer than usual, the glo me removes
all the dirt so the moisturizer can really sink in. Overall I’m very happy with the outcome and so glad I bought it.


"Takes out a lot of the oiliness from my skin and has really helped my spots" *

stop2pose tripollar rating 4.5/5

It came with clear instructions, easy to figure out how to use (tbh I didn’t even really need them).
I’m 18 and still have spots here and there especially my forehead. The device takes out a lot of the oiliness from my skin
and has really helped my spots. My boyfriend can’t stop touching my cheeks so something must be working.


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