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Clinical Study

Anti-aging Clinical Studies and Scientifically Verified Outcomes for Tripollar Pose and Tripollar Stop

One of the most noticeable and generally unwanted signs of aging is the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and lax skin. Extended life expectancy in the UK and worldwide has changed the perception of aging and has propelled scientific anti-aging research leading to a multitude of anti-aging treatments which have flooded the marketplace.

The most common treatments used to fight aging are anti-aging creams and anti-wrinkle lotions which may improve the immediate texture of our skin but in fact have limited long term clinical results.

Over the past several years, professional systems and technologies for noninvasive anti-aging treatments have become the gold standard in professional clinics worldwide. The introduction of the patent pending TriPollar™ technology, the 3rd generation of clinically proven Radio-Frequency treatments, has already transformed the lives of millions of men and women worldwide and the UK by reducing fine lines and wrinkles while toning lax and sagging skin. This clinically-proven skin rejuvenation device has been used successfully by physicians, aestheticians and clinics around the world and is now available for home use.

Internal and External Factors of Aging Skin in Clinical Skin Care Research
Years of medical research have focused on both the internal and external factors resulting in aging skin. The internal causes of aging skin are similar to those experienced by the rest of our internal organs, including the normal changes in hormone levels, particularly estrogen, as well as the decline in metabolic activity and cell regeneration as we age.

External causes that affect our skin’s appearance include exposure to UV rays, environmental pollution and smoking. Yet, while the scientific research has categorized age-inducing factors as internal or external, increasing evidence demonstrates their interdependencies; specifically, the research is now showing that external factors may actually accelerate the internal aging process.

Anti-aging Research - How our Skin Ages

Starting in our twenties, the collagen and elastin fibers in our skin decrease every year, changing the structure of our skin. The dermal layer of our skin contains fibroblasts, the cells that maintain the skin’s structure and produce. As anti-aging research shows, the number of fibroblasts in the skin decreases with age as the skin’s metabolism slows down. These structural changes to our skin appear as fine lines, wrinkles and sagging facial skin.
Tripollar clinical study
As we grow old, the collagen in the skin dermal coating reduces at an average ratio of 15% every 10 years.
STOP™ - Non-invasive Clinical Skin Solution

TriPollar™ STOP™ clinical skin regeneration device is a non-invasive, safe way to obtain a natural “lifting” in the cosines of your home. TriPollar™ energy warms the dermal coating from inside, and at the same protects the outer skin layer.

Effective warming of the dermal coating outcomes in:
The existent Collagen fibers treaty – producing instant skin firming and tightening.
The Fibroblasts metabolism rise, originating new Collagen molecules at a speed pace for long term effects, delaying and revoking the skin aging course

STOP™: Anti-aging In Vitro - Clinical Data

An In vitro clinical test was carried out by the Société de Recherche GREDECO together with researchers from the Hôpital Pitié-Salpétrière in France. The clinical investigation performed on skin diagnostic tests showed formation of new epidermal collagen higher than 40% after treatment with the STOP™ clinical skin regeneration device.

This study’s purpose was to affect the clinical productiveness of the STOP™, or collagen formation.

Eight human skin patterns were acquired with permission from eight plastic surgery patients and were kept in conditions as ‘living tissue’. These patterns were open to an hastened aging course by exposing them to UV radiation and later treated with the STOP™ clinical skin regeneration device. The skin patterns were kept in conditions as ‘living tissue’ following the treatment and new collagen formation was examined by biochemistry and morphometric assessments in treated patterns as well as control skin patterns

Significant boosts in epidermal fibroblasts activity resultant of raised collagen synthesis were observed 17.1 µg/mg tissue in handled skin in contrast with 12.1 in the control skin pattern (a raise of more than 40% - statistically noteworthy p < 0.05).

proof of new collagen formation in aging skin after STOP™ treatment
STOP™: Anti-aging Human Trial - Clinical Poof
The STOP™ clinical skin regeneration device was also verified by Dr. Ghislaine Beilin (M.D. Paris), an expert in anti-aging medical skin solutions and TriPollar™ technology. The experiment which tested 23 women during 6 weeks happened in early 2008. Study players aged 37-64 used the STOP™ home device 2-3 times a week and were assessed by the Fitzpatrick Wrinkle Classification System at the conclusion of their treatments. After their first treatment, targeted measurements disclosed an average of 86% betterment in wrinkles surrounding the eyes, and a 76% betterment in wrinkles in the upper lip.

Instantly after the first STOP™ treatment, a 3D analysis of the skin top by targeted measurements, indicate the average decrease in the extent of wrinkles.
 Following the six week treatment, there was an average betterment of 35% in wrinkles surrounding the eyes and an betterment of 40% for upper lip wrinkles. The most meaningful betterment found was a 67% decrease of wrinkles in 1 patient. All patients detailed betterment in skin smoothness and decrease in pore range.

A 3D analysis demonstrates overall skin structure betterment by decrease in pore size and a meaningful rise in skin smoothness.
Before and After STOP™ Non-Invasive Anti-Aging Treatment

Instantly after the first STOP™ treatment, the fine lines surrounding the eyes and wrinkles were bettered

The long term outcomes of the STOP™ clinical skin regeneration treatment. Fine line and wrinkle betterment in the surrounding eyes area.

The long term outcomes of the STOP™ clinical skin regeneration treatment. Fine line and wrinkle betterment in the upper lip area as well as skin lifting and tightening.

·         The long term outcomes of the STOP™ clinical skin regeneration treatment. 3D analysis of the skin demonstrates a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles.