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What Our Readers Have to Say

29 June 2015
What Our Readers Have to Say

We asked our readers how many of them would consider going under the knife to get rid of their cellulite, take a peep and see what our readers had to say!

We asked our readers to let us know whether they would be willing to go under the knife in order to reduce their cellulite woes...

An unexpected 32% of people would consider surgery but only after trying non-invasive techniques first, with 13% of people agreeing to take the surgical risk and would do ‘anything to get rid of it’! Together that means that just over half of our readers would consider going under the knife, which is a staggering amount! Here at Stop2pose we want to see this figure reduced and show women that there is no need to go down the invasive surgical route when you can treat yourself non-invasively in the comfort of your own home. 49% of people would not consider going under knife and will ‘stick to non-invasive techniques’ and a small 6% of people wouldn’t consider doing anything at all and ‘embrace their cellulite’ – we truly admire this brave small 6% and hope for more people to have this beautiful attitude!