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How To Reduce Body Circumference

10 October 2017
How To Reduce Body Circumference


How to give your body a boost- that last push to the perfect you!

We all strive to improve and maintain our health and appearance. Exercise and diet allow us to stay healthy and to keep our weight in check but they don’t finish the job fully. No matter how much we exercise there comes a point when our bodies just say no! There could be that little bit of stubborn weight that just won’t come off, or cellulite that refuses to completely disappear no matter what we do, some sagging skin even if it's subtle (especially if there was big weight loss), and general lumps and bumps.

To go those extra few steps to really tighten your body one needs to turn her attention to her skin, to give the body a more defined, shapely and firm appearance and feel. Here are the simple rules to follow to achieve perfection:

Exfoliate - Exfoliating both body and face regularly helps your skin shed old cells and encourages production of new cells.

Skin Tightening Devices - Using skin tightening devices helps your body to stimulate natural processes that renew skin cells. Tripollar POSE body tightening device can be used at home to firm up and smooth out any area on your body that you feel needs help. It shrinks fat cells thereby reducing body circumference while eliminating cellulite and smoothing lumps and bumps. The results are permanent and give the body a tighter  and shapelier look.

Maintain A Skin Routine - Keeping skin clean, oiled, moisturized, nourished and fresh on face and body is important for the overall health of the skin thereby allowing it to function at the highest levels.

Protect - Never forget to use sunscreen, the UV rays can cause some major damage.

Eat The Right Stuff - What you eat really is that important for skin elasticity. Your diet should include: healthy fats, proteins, and fibers and all the veggie you can stomach! Even dark chocolate is good for you, in moderation of course. Keep away from simple carbs and sugars as well as processed and fried foods.

Drink the Right Stuff - Water, water and more water with some green tea thrown in. No Soda!

Continue With Exercise - Do cardio as always but also target the problem areas such as the belly to help your body get the point, it’s kinda like waist training. Generally exercise is good for the skin, gets the blood going which is important for rejuvenation. Yoga is really great for the skin!

Lifestyle Changes - Ever notice how dull you look when you are under-slept or stressed?  Getting enough sleep and reducing stress is not only good for your health but also for your skin. You produce hormones during sleep which help your body to rebuild and renew itself, including the skin.



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    Expert Opinion

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