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Tripollar Wrinkle and Cellulite Reduction Solutions

Tripollar Stop Device

Anti Wrinkle Treatment

tripollar stop device

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Tripollar Pose Device

Skin Tightning Treatment

tripollar pose device

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TriPollar Stop - Anti-Age Revolution in a Box

The Tripollar Stop™ Facial Skin Renewal Device is an effective, non-evasive and easy to use home treatment device. An anti-ageing relaxing treatment resulting in long lasting youthful looks. Creates a noticeable clinical effect from the very first treatment and significantly reduces wrinkles and fine lines as well as improving your skin texture.

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stars It was in my late 40’s that I noticed my deepening wrinkles and looked to old fashioned home remedies to no avail.
After a few years

stars I’ve been using my new found life saver, the tripollar stop for the past few months and cannot believe I am seeing real results!!
After seeing a product ad

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About Tripollar Technology

Tripollar Stop and POSE Devices, are the most advanced non-invasive alternative to surgical and other invasive aesthetic treatments today. Radio Frequency Technology has been used in medical science for over 30 years, and over several years have become standard in professional clinics worldwide for skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, fat reduction and body sculpting.

3rd generation TriPollar RF At Home Devices invented by Pollogen, combine the effect of Mono-Polar RF and Bi-polar RF energies in one applicator to simultaneously and homogeneously heat deep and shallow tissue layers while protecting the skin’s surface.